Cognac Zucca spy... Ever seen one????

  1. So my spy arrived yesturday as described no extra surprizes. Except that it's cognac, has this been seen before? I found a pic of the zucca spy hobo and it was cognac but could not find any the spy bag. All the other authenticity points check out the leather is even thick and bubbly not pebbled, but I must know if the cognac was ever made.
    I will try to post pics today, I have yet to figure out how to do this with my camara and the pics from my phone come out to small:push:.

    Any help given would be greatly appreciated:yes: TIA......
  2. Ali - so you have an idea of how dark the leather on mine is, here are comparison pics of Miss Spy next to Miss Choco Paddy. And btw, I'd probably like the Zucca Spy with cognac (milk chocolate) leather since I already have a dark chocolate bag!:tup:

    Taken w/ no flash, indirect sunlight -

    Taken w/ a flash -
  3. Thanks Layney!!! I like the bag and the color but I just want to make sure everything checks out before I get my hopes up! Its just a bit lighter than the choco paddy which is very pretty but not if it's fake...
    All the other things check out so maybe I'm freaking out over nothing. I just get very nervous about eBay so I want to make sure I dot all the i's and cross all the t's you know what I mean.
    Here's a pic from my phone!
  4. Hi Ali,

    Whatever color you call it there are all different shades depending on light exposure, age, products used for conditioning etc.

    Attached are photos of 4 different Fendi Zucca & Nappa Spys, side by side. The last bag is a small spy. Note the different colors. They are all authentic.
  5. ^^^ Thanks youngbrands, thats very helpful. When I look closely at the leather on the bag there are some darker spots. So I think the bag may just be bit older and the color perhaps faded some....
  6. Ali,
    I would like to see more pics, (bigger?) but I think you are correct, the bag looks gorgeous, but may have blushed more extenisvely than we usually see...meaning it is a chocolate leather/zucca spy (rather than Cognac) that has faded a biggy! You got an amazing deal on the spy bag, Congrats! :tup:
  7. OMG.. Layney What would I do without you:love:thanks for your help!!!!!! Now I can breathe and enjoy my bag:yahoo:!!!!

    Thanks Baglady1. I'am still working on posting bigger pics, hopefully they will be up soon!
  8. I don't know what to say, wasn't there a thread about this before where it was concluded (or was it?) that there was never a cognac one made? If there was then you could be good, if it wasn't you could still be good as baglady said..the choco might have blushed alot to create that color..which is unique! I saw the one on bagborrowsteal before but I assumed the pic they took made it look like that with the flash and lighting, because stock photos are often misleading. The best advice I can give is to take close and clear pictures of the serial strip, hologram etc and post them in the authenticate this thread if you haven't already. Just to be 100% sure..I don't mean to burst any bubbles..and its ok to be nervous, I would be too!
  9. There was a thread on the cognac zucca spy. Deco, baglady and I think Lit, concluded it was a good italian fake.
  10. Alright here we go, I'm going to try to post pics:
    NOT WORKING!!!!!:cursing:
  11. Oh rats!
  12. I give up!!!