Cognac vs Chestnut

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  1. Can anyone show pictures comparing these two colors, or describe the difference? Is cognac more reddish-brown than chestnut?
  2. Here ya go... Chestnut Phoebe on the left, Chestnut Madeline on the right. The three in the middle are cognac (Legacy Rory, Candace, Molly). They are very similar and both have a reddish undertone, but the cognac is slightly moreso.

  3. Here's chestnut Madeline and cognac Molly.

  4. What a gorgeous collection! So is chestnut slightly darker?
    I have 2 bags in cognac and am considering a chestnut bag….but not if they are too close in color.
  5. Geez that's a gorgeous pic!
  6. ^All beautiful!^

  7. :drool::faint::drool::faint: TDF gorgeous collection! LOVE Candace and Molly!
  8. Thanks. Yes, the chestnut is slightly darker...but as you see they are close.

    Thank you.


    Thanks. I'm the original Brown Bagger. :roflmfao:
  9. Lovely! Love your brown bags ;)
  10. Oh oh heart went aflutter to see all these lovelies when I scrolled down the page! I'm a huge brown and black bag fan! I ADORE these!
  11. Thanks, y'all!! :kiss:
  12. MiaBorsa: Lovely! Looks like a delicious box of chocolates!
  13. I hope this pic. helps too.
    The Pat bag on left is Legacy cognac and has more red in it than the 2 Madison Chestnut leathers on right. (wallet is acorn color)

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  14. Wow, so much cognac Legacy in one place, Beautiful. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  15. Thanks. Now I'm seeing more of a difference. Hmm. Brown bags go with almost everything, right?