cognac vs. caramel

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  1. hello b bag owners. anybody own a cognac or caramel? i'm wondering how people feel about these two colors? i am looking at a cognac on ebay (I posted it in Authenticate This), dont know if it's real but the color sure is pretty. I'm thinking about either getting a cognac or a caramel as my next b bag. thank you.:shame:
  2. I have a cognac purse. Love the color. it's like milky choclaty caramel.

    Here's pic. It's kind of like a toffee color.
    DSC00057.JPG DSC00058.JPG
  3. I have been eyeing the fall caramel for maybe a First or City. Or the greige color. I am thinking of changing my pre-order for the blue India to one of these colors since it will be more versatile.
  4. Wow.. I love the color.
  5. wow, gorgeous bag! LOVE:love: funny i have a leather jacket that looks just like that, by rugby north america, bought it in Soho. so i guess the caramel is lighter then?
  6. ^^Yeah, the caramel (most recent at least) was from pre-Fall 05.


    'Camel' (s/s 06)

    (courtesy of personalshoppers)
  7. thanks! LOVE caramel:heart:
  8. I am really wanting The Purse in a brown so I am thinking about the cognac. I am not sure if it is too dark though. When I pre-ordered my Grenat Twiggy the other day the sa at BalNY said that greige has no brown or beige in it. It looks like Concrete. So if you are looking for a brown like me, I would go with cognac.
  9. Sorry, I don't have either color but after reading Greenie's post, I had a sudden craving for Milk Duds. :smile:

    On topic - caramel does seem to be lighter than cognac....
  10. I personally prefer the Caramel bc it is a lighter color and would go with more of my wardrobe. However, the cognac is rich and deep in color, so it's up to you!
  11. Thanks for letting me know! Definitely something to think about. Cement sounds interesting, too, but probably not as versatile as the camel for fall.
  12. i love the cognac. it's so warm and deep in tone!
    greenie, your cognac purse is beautiful!
  13. It's a "go with everything" kind of color. I'm going on week 2 wearing this bag and really love how the color goes with. Good luck with your search dmc2007. The best thing would be to go to the store and try them on.

    Cate it IS the color of milk duds...good call! :lol: Thanks for the nice comments, ladies. You guys are so sweet! :heart:
  14. greenie love your purse! IMO cognac is the best color for the purse style since i feel the purse is Balenciagas bohemian style bag and what best compliments it is the cognac color:heart: :heart: :heart: