Cognac Patent Malena

  1. Ok soooooo not sure how it happened but I refreshed the BG sale handbags page and a Valentino Histoire popped up for half off. Somehow I managed to be the first to get it and feeling a little giddy I immediatly switched to the Neimans sale, hit refresh and OMG there was a JC half off!!! Before I knew it, that was mine too!!! Ahhhh what have I done! Last week I bought an Alex, a Spy and a Stam and my single income budget just went into overdrive!!! :sweatdrop: The thing is, I have not seen the Cognac Patent Malena IRL and after reading the Sage Mahala thread I am having my doubts. I probably should return one of them (or maybe two)...BUT I DON'T WANNA:crybaby:Anyone happen to have the cognac Malena? If so what do you think of it?
  2. I saw it IRL and it is gorgeous! Wow, you did get lucky!
  3. I was feeling pretty lucky and thinking I should run right out and buy a lottery ticket. The whole thing took about three minutes...what with that damn quick checkout button!!! I sat there in shock and kept saying what just happened??? Now, three hours later, guilt has kicked in BIG TIME.
  4. That always happens to me too. The problem is once I get the bag I simply can't part with it! But you did get them on sale and wow, great prices!
  5. Heck Yeah!!! I have the Cognac LP Mahala. A truly beautiful bag! Check out the Choo Reference Library, there is a pic in the Mahala section. I know it is not exactly what you are getting, but you'll see it's beauty.
  6. I know I know...the sale is the kicker. How do you pass that up? And I forgot... I bid on a Mahala on eBay and so far have not been outbid. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  7. OH WOW!!! Jburgh that is gorgeous!!! I love the Mahala. I wish that was what had popped up on sale. Not only have I not seen the cognac Malena IRL but I don't think I have ever seen a Malena IRL of any color! When she comes I'll post a pic. If the guilt gets the better of me I am thinking the Spy will be the one going back since I didn't get that on sale. Then I am cutting up all my cards.(yeah...not really):graucho:
  8. I think you got a great deal for a gorgeous bag!:tup:
  9. Well now I am sure what I got... I just looked at BG and they have a Malena Patent Satchel, Cognac but it is not LP. It all happened so fast. I saw it pop up on th Neimans sale page and before I could think, I bought it. When I went back to the sale page it was gone. I never really got a good look at it other then that it was cognac Malena? All I can see in my history is this but no pic. ProductQtyPriceTaxDelivery & ProcessingArrive ByStatusGifting Options
    NMOF8_V0290 Malena Patent Satchel 1 1000.80 82.57 0.00 01-28-2008 In Process Gift Packaging 0.00
    How the heck am I supposed to know which one I got???? I kinda hope it is the LP but wouldn't it say LP on my history page?
  10. Hi, would you mind letting me know what color is the valentino histoire? is it leather or patent leather? Thanks!

    I think if it does not say LP, probably it is the slick calf one. But cognac slick calf is also beautiful!
  11. The Histoire is black patent. I am hoping they will be here on Monday. :yahoo:
  12. Wow, that's a beautiful bag. Now the price is back up again.
  13. I am hoping the fact that it is patent does not make it too overpowering. Patent is never my first choice and somehow I just managed to get two handbags in patent. What I really wanted was the ivory leather one but beggers can't be choosers ;) Can't wait till they are here.
  14. Marniei - I have seen the Malena in both sizes at the Seattle Nordstrom. One is large and the other huge, honkin' XL. The one I bought last year, in black, is the large.

    The cognac bags at Nordies were the slick calf, which is not as shiny as a true patent. That cognac is a quite different color than the Liquid Patent in Cognac.

    Maybe these pics will help:
    LP version:

    Calf version:
  15. Thanks for the pics. After seeing them, I am definitely hoping it is the LP version and I am definitely hoping it is the smaller version. I didn’t realize there were two sizes. I’m 5’9 but am always in heels so I usually stand between 6’ to 6’1 and 1/2. I could probably pull off the XL because of my height but jburgh's "honkin' huge" kinda scares me. I am thinking by the price it is probably the smaller one, which would mean I guess it was not quite half off. The Valentino is showing shipped in my history at BG but the Malena still says in process. The option to cancel is gone so I am hoping the Malena will ship out today as well and I get it Friday. Otherwise Monday will be when I see what I actually got.