Cognac Part Time Needed!!!

  1. I am obsessed with cognac, for some reason I just love the veining! Does anyone have or know of anyone with a cognac part time? I already have the city, work, and a makeup clutch!! Thanks so much for any suggestions, Ashley
  2. It is me again, I just remembered that a girlfried of mine said that Saks or neimens (can't remeber) had a cognac weekended about a month ago, so please if anyone encounters a PT that is somehow still hanging around please let me know asap! Thanks so much, I am brand new to tPF and have a feeling I am going to be addicted :smile:

  3. Are you the one who snapped up the Cognac Work that I was eyeing from Real Deal Collection???

    LOL, I was looking for a Cognac Twiggy but was kicking around the idea of trying the work when someone bought it.........:sad: Oh well, you snooze, you lose, right? Somewhere out there is my perfect Cognac Twiggy (or Work)! I'll post if I see a part-time anywhere!
  4. No, I didn't snatch up your cognac work, I actually convinced a girlfriend of mine to trade with me, but I will post if I see a cognac twiggy, thanks for keeping an eye out!! I am glad to see that I am not the only one obsessed with a moderately mild color compared to a lot of bbag fanatics that I know!! BTW, I love the work, you should give it a try.
  5. your friend must have been crazy to trade with you! i love cognac! ;)
  6. Are you talking about 06 Caramel? I know where you can get one of these in a Part Time in Regular Hardware but I'm not sure if its the color you're wanting.
  7. My girlfriend is REALLY crazy, she has odd taste in bbags (LOL)!! I would love to know where I can get an 06 caramel in PT!!! THANKS