Cognac Ostrich

  1. hi

    I was trying to see a sample of cognac in ostrich on the sample chart but could not find it. Does anyone here have this color ? I have been offered this color but am not sure how it looks like. Thanks...
  2. hello ??? anyone with a sample of this color ? appreciate the help....thanks in advance.
  3. Jinees, if you look in the members' items thread w/i the reference library you'll see Gina B's and Gigi's Cognac Birkins in chevre; there are also more pix within Gina's wonderful Paris thread. I can't think of anyone with Cognac Ostrich off the top of my head, but Cognac in Chevre should give you fair idea of what the color could look like in Ostrich. HTH--Cognac in Ostrich sounds amazing. Actually, now that I think about it, I think there was a picture of Kelly Rutherford's Ostrich Birkin in the Stars and Hermes thread in one of the most recent posts--the color looks darker than gold...perhaps it could be Cognac?
  4. I've seen Cognac ostrich Birkins IRL, I was offered a few, but I didn't take it. This comes down to personal taste. I have a gold togo birkin, I would say that the cognac ostrich color is lighter than the gold color and I just didn't feel like it looked rich enough on the ostrich, it kind of looked dry. Anyways, it didn't strike my fancy. But try to get to the store to see a swatch so that you can decide for yourself if the color/leather combo is for you.
  5. ^Great info Whispa--it's so odd, I would have pegged Cognac as being darker than Gold and never would have thought of it as being lighter in Ostrich!
  6. ^^ Maybe it depends on which leather in gold you're comparing it with. The cognac ostrich that I had for about 24 hours was much darker than the gold bags I've seen here. I don't recall seeing Togo, but in other leathers like swift or VL, I think gold seems quite light in comparison.
  7. Hope this helps jinees

    Ostrich takes on a patina quite quickly and eventually the entire Birkin will become the same gorgeous colour as the top of the handles where they have started to darken - the great thing with Ostrich, other than it wears like iron is if you get caught out in a rainshower, the rain just rolls off
  8. ^^Simply stunning, flossy!
  9. Thanks for that great information FF and the beautiful pic--I didn't know that Ostrich wore well in the rain--I live in a very rainy climate and never considered Ostrich.
  10. TokyoTraveler has one or 2 doesn't she?? It looks dark in picture. In fact, I thought it would be a gorgeous color ostrich IRL. I'm reading mixed reviews..
  11. That's beautiful, Flossy!
    I think this color is a winner, especially whenit's starts to patina.
  12. thank you guys for all the help. i will certainly look at the swatches when i am in a store.
  13. Just beautiful Flossy. I really like ostrich. Most colors are beautiful in Ostrich.
  14. OMG!!!:nuts: Flossy, she is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  15. Flossy, that is too beautiful for words!! Jinees, I have a cognac ostrich Kelly watch band and a gold ostrich Medor bracelet. The cognac is definitely darker than the gold in ostrich. I will take a picture of the two together for you today.