Cognac or Desert - which do you prefer?

  1. I really like the Desert - what are your opinions?
  2. I have heard that desert can pick up dark color transfer, such as from your blue jeans. Ask others here about that and if you do get it, Appleguard it.
  3. Well seeing as I just bought a Desert Scarlett, it has to be Desert! :yes:
    Plus I prefer more lighter-beige 'tan' bags to the more whisky type shades.
  4. I like whiskey..and the color too. :roflmfao:
  5. LOL, think the desert is a bit more fragile, but at the end of the day you've gotta buy what you like! I like them both and that Sienna in Cognac I just got is beautiful:heart:
  6. I prefer the look of desert over cognac, BUT you will have to be much more cautious when frolicking around town with it. Cognac would be a pretty carefree color.
  7. I never loved the color Desert but Halzer's Scarlett is pretty darn cute. It's the first bag I've seen in Desert that made me think I'd like it.
    I did just buy the Cognac. It's the basic brown thing that my Mom taught me so well. I have an IF Audra in a whiskey color that is similar. Just love it.
  8. I have the Sienna in desert and I wouldn't buy it again as the leather is really delicate and picks up any dirt in no time. I just used it about 10 times and the Handles are already getting a dark patina which doesn't look to nice.
    I still love the colour and the leather is really soft but my bags even though I babied it already looks old and dirty.
  9. How about ivory and desert of Sienna? If you got to choose, which one will you pick?

  10. Of these two, I would pick desert. :yes: