cognac or charcoal carson tall tab Frye?

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  1. Love these boots! Don't know how to attach photo but they are on Bloomies site and cost $368. Which color works best if you wear mostly jeans and carry LV mono or damier ebene? Thanks for all opinions!
  2. I'd get the Cognac. Those seem more versatile to me.
  3. Cognac is such a beautiful color
  4. Finally I got 2 responses! Thank you! I bought the cognac today. Bloomingdales is having 20% off sale and next week is a bigger sale. 25% off and an additional 20% off if you buy 2 pair! Price adjustment time......
  5. Awesome! Please post pictures when you get them! :biggrin:
  6. You'll love that color! I have the Melissa Button boots in cognac. It's such a a rich versatile leather. I want to wear them everyday! Where are you seeing info about this sale at Bloomies? I just went to the website and didn't see anything about it.
  7. I received a postcard in the mail because I have a Bloomies charge card.