Cognac Marcelle YUMMY!

  1. Hey Laura, is this your Marcelle? If it is you did a nice nice job on the auction and you are making me think twice about ever selling mine.

    So you got your new one???? Holding out on us, huh? LOL
    This is a great example how someone can do a great auction and get bidders even though their feedback is not huge huge. Because there is no doubt left of it's authenticity because of the Gazillion pics. pics of your New Marcelle. It's just blows my mind that I see this baby for sale after your concentrated efforts on finding one. I hope the sale goes well.
  2. Thanks Lexie! Yes, I found my new one and I am thrilled. We are working out the details but I hope to have it soon, and then I will bother you with lots of pics. I hope someone can give my old one a loving home b/c she deserves it. I would not be selling her had I not found another, she is really a nice bag! I appreciate the auction feedback, too :yes:
  3. The pics in this auction really do speak for themselves! I never really realized that this color marcelle has a green interior. :drool: makes the drool factor go way up!
  4. Thanks Kittybag, I try to be upfront and fair and I am only trying to get the money back that I paid for her, I won't end up profiting.
  5. Well even people like me who are ultra careful about who I buy from would ever hesitate to bid. You really lay out what you are selling and certainly aren't hiding anything. You do a better job than I do on auctions. Kudos! Just make sure you never tell these potential bidders how much you have "fondled" the bag!
  6. Hahaha, OK, it will remain a secret always. Oh, this is my 1000th post :woohoo:
  7. Well whattya Want??? A Trophy? ya go!

    P.S. I am making someone very nervous with my butchering of the English language...LOL

  8. LOLOL thank you, I love it <bowing>