Cognac Marcelle is here!!

  1. And what a beauty:heart:, love at first sight, for sure! Surprisingly light and butter soft, exactly what I hoped it would be (which isn't always the case...)


  2. Beautiful Maggie. I really enjoyed mine while I had it. The color is so pretty...the prettiest of all the Marcelle colors.
  3. Fab fab fab cutie pie! Gosh - it looks just like mine! I started to wear it and I'm liking it more and more. It's a beauty. Gosh. Nice pics! Hey - is yours lined with lilac or khaki?
  4. Oh Maggie, she's gorgeous. No wonder you're in love. Congratulations.
  5. She's gorgeous!:heart: Only thing that upset me a bit, was the fact she didn't come with a dustbag, think that should be included when a bag is listed as NWT...
  6. Maggie, my tobacco Maria and Ginger were both listed as coming with dustbags (from the same seller as you). I was promised they would be sent two weeks ago.... still nothing. I won the smooth black Sienna on August 7 and paid immediately. I chased up for tracking info on August 11 as no communication whatsoever, but despite a quick reply saying I would be given tracking info (which suggests to me the bag hadn't been sent) I still haven't received tracking info on a bag I paid top dollar for on August 7. I'm disappointed too.

    I'm still drooling at your cognac Marcelle though.
  7. I guess great bags don't always mean an attentive seller. I sure hope you girls get your dustbags and Mini....I hope you get info on your delivery. A good seller is more than just pretty pictures and promises. I'd write again and ask definatively if the bag was sent and how and were the dustbags (all 3) included.
  8. Mini, that's not on!!

    This is the only bag I don't have a dustbag for, sounds like she's not likely to take much notice if I ask her (very disappointing), don't really understand it, the bag was perfect, so I don't get what the deal is with those dustbags..
  9. your aren't even involved in this transaction, stick your head somewhere else.. preferably in someone's a..
  10. ...................
  11. this thread was about maggies marcelle, not about reviews on my selling. despite your some odd thousands of posts, i'd certainly think you'd know how to keep a thread on topic. you've always got something to say about my selling that i frankly don't understand?

  12. Sorry, but it is wrong of you to be so rude to people on this forum. It is normal to discuss sellers and whether customers have had good or bad experiences. I think you yourself have caused a loss of customers through your replies here. It's a shame because you do sell great bags, but customer service is extremely important too. It seems that you are now providing MY personal information, ie tracking info for my bag for all to see on this forum, is that right for a seller to do? I'm naturally very disappointed.
  13. It Is Wrong For Someone To Constantly Harass Me Only Because Of Jealousy And Spite
  14. I am not going to sit here and stay quite and be embarassed and ashamed for the sake of more customers and more money, i have self integrity, i will say what I believe it right and those who want to make the judgement certainly can. It is normal to discuss sellers i certainly understand, then you should make a seperate thread for it instead of hijacking maggies thread.
  15. Maggie's thread has not been hijacked. She mentioned about not having a dustbag and I said I had the same problem. That is not hijacking, it's merely confirming that I had the same problem. Yes, it's supposedly resolved, although I have had no confirmation that dustbags and Sienna are on the way, except now on this forum. I appreciate you sending them.