Cognac Maddy & Black H2OWatersnake are FINALLY HERE!!!

  1. Yeah!!!! I finally got them ...... Maddy is just BEAUTIFUL but a little small (I Think) .... and The Ramona is just the most BEAUTIFUL bag I have EVER EVER seem .... little too big (i think) not sure if I will keep her ..... well enjoy ...


    My dogs hair all over her :cursing:

    Black Ramona:party:


  2. Your new Choos are awesome - congrats!
  3. I was just wondering about those bags today, if you had gotten them yet! :wondering

    The Maddy is gorgeous! :drool: I love the size...for me personally, I think the Mahala would be too big. The Maddy looks perfect and I love the color! Can you post a modeling pic. to get a better idea of size??

    And the Ramona....WOW! :heart: I've been thinking about getting the biker Riki with watersnake trim in black even though I have it in burgundy. But I'm thinking I don't care if I have 2 of the same style bag anymore. I absolutely LOVE my Riki! Love the leather, love the watersnake, love the size! I agree....I think the Ramona is a tad too big for everyday, but on the other hand some may find the Riki a tad too small.

    The only thing keeping me from buying the black Riki is that I got mine on sale for 50% off and I would hate to buy it full price and then see it on sale in a few months. $800 is a LOT of money! :shrugs: So I think I'm going to wait and hope that it goes on sale.

    I just wonder if the black biker Riki was on sale at the same time my burgundy biker Riki was and I could have gotten them both at the same time if only I had known how MUCH I was going to love my Riki! :hysteric:

    Anyway! Do show us modeling pics. and let us know what you decide about the Ramona! You could always exchange it for the Riki.... :graucho:
  4. Yes I was thinking in returning the black ramona and getting the red rikki but my SO says I should keep it and that maybe Santa Claus will bring me the Red Rikki :nuts: .... but he says I have to be good:graucho: .....

    Here are the pics that my daughter took....
  5.'s official. I am sooo jealous of your Ramona! I know I sound like a broken record, but that combination of distressed leather, watersnake trim and gold hardware is perfection I tell ya....absolute perfection! :tender::tender::tender:

    Actually, I sort of settled with my black leather Ramona. I got such a great deal on her that I couldn't pass her up but I would have much preferred the one you have! you, I think I'll keep my Ramona and go for the biker Riki in black! :tup:

    OH!!!! Did you see the pristine RED RIKI that's on eBay right now? Last time I looked it was still a GREAT deal! You might want to think about it!!!! :sneaky: :graucho:

    And thanks so much for the modeling pics....they both look great on you! But for as much as I like the Maddy, it's the Ramona that has me :drool:!
  6. Gris, both of your bags are beautiful. Your post reminds me of Goldilocks -too small or too big, you need a bag that's just right.

    I love the cognac color. After comparing sizes, I prefer the Mahala because I find the Maddy a tad too small for my needs. The Ramona leather is phenomenal.
  7. aarrrgh! you both are driving me CRAZY!!!! i have been drooling over that ramona you got, gris!! and the cognac maddy is so beautiful too...
    sigh, i SOOOO want the biker riki, and i've finally decided that black it may be. originally, i really wanted the burgandy one (which is the one that i think stinkerbelle has, right? you stinker!!!:p), but now that i have the liquid plum mahala, it's kind of in the same family of colors, so i've been searching out another good everyday bag in black! hmmm, maybe the black riki?!?? what d'ya think?? :confused1:
    and stinkerbelle!! i coudln't believe my eyes when i saw you mention the red riki on eBay! i'm stalking it right now on my watch list, but i'm so bummed b/c we will be out of town when it actually closes. :crybaby: i'm wondering if i can manage to get to a computer in time...but somehow, i doubt it. if i could though...i would definitely take that plunge and get it! it looks beautiful! but i fear all this talk on the forum, someone else is probably going to outbid me anyway. :sad: sigh...well, maybe i can get a black biker riki somewhere on sale? b/c i agree with you, stinkerbelle, if you got your burgandy one on sale, it's hard to pay full price. especially when casey told me there should be a sale this upcoming winter. hopefully we'll both get one! one can dream, right? :yes::yes:
  8. Stinkerbell - ive been starring at her all day and the more i see her the more and more i see her the more im falling in lust for her .... i also did think about the burgundy like yours but i do not have a black bag, until now, and I so so so much want the red rikki, have to have the small version, so i have to kiss @$$ so Santa puts her under my xmas tree ... lol ... i took maddy out today to dillards and i was very impressed that i could fit everything i need into her (wish is not much) cell, make up, keys, and klenex .... and as far as the purple mahala she has been stoping hearts all over ... she is so beautiful when outside in the sun :heart: .....

    darlie - why dont you just bid on her. enter whatever is the max that you want to pay for her (SHES BEAUTIFUL) and I think you can get messages on your cell .....
  9. Darlie...ya know what? This is probably going to sound like sacrilege for as much as I've been going on, and on, and on about my burgundy Riki as if I had discovered fire, but I swear I think I would love the black just as much!

    I mean, the burgundy color is tdf but it really is about the style, size and the leather of the bag that makes me love it even more than the color I think. Which is why I also want it in black!! Not in a million years would I feel like I was "settling" for the black over the probably almost impossible to find burgundy. Like you said, black will go with everything! :tup:

    And like you....I'm going to wait for the next sale. First of all....$1600 for a handbag? I think not. Secondly, I would have to shoot myself it did indeed go on sale in a few months! And really, when we add up the number of people who would be absolutely crushed by my unexpected departure if I did indeed shoot myself...well....I owe it to them to wait for a sale. :amuse:

    As for the eBay Red Riki....girlfriend, we've all got that bag bookmarked! Whether we're just watching it or bidding on it...she's our grandma in the secret! I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned here before. It's been listed forever but finally without a reserve or as a BIN.
  10. "Stinkerbell - ive been starring at her all day and the more i see her the more and more i see her the more im falling in lust for her ...."

    OK....really? Shut up! :p

    No, I'm SO happy for you!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that bag and if you ever want to trade her for a plain black leather Ramona, I'm your gal! :yahoo::heart::yahoo:
  12. Gris - Both of your new bags are just fabulous!!! :yahoo:

    I love my Ramona...yes it is a little on the big side, but it is TDF. You have to keep yours. It has those great pockets all around, feels great on the shoulder, I could go on and on. :drool: I want a Riki too, but in the bronze suede.

    Darlie - you go ahead and bid on that Riki. Do you have a trustworthy friend :graucho: who could bid for you at the last moment if you authorize a higher bid?

    And Gris, sometimes you need a smaller bag and the Maddy is perfect. :yes:

    I am relatively new to the world of high end designer bags. I've been admiring several for a while. The Jimmy Choo bags are made incredibly well, and really speak to me. The journey from "Jimmy Choo, huh?" to "I'm a Chooaholic" has been quite short for me. :nuts:

    And while I am gushing about Jimmy Choo bags, I just want to say something... I'll be going back to work soon, which means that I have had a lot of time to surf the Purse Forum in the past month. You can always see how many people are on a particular forum. The JC group is small...but we are quite passionate about our favorite bags. I have had a lot of fun reading about all of your fantastic bags, learning about spotting a fake, and seeing the marvelous pictures. Thanks all of you for the sharing and camaraderie.
  13. i have several trustworthy friends...but unfortunately, with labor day, everyone is TRAVELING just like me! :crybaby:my head is telling me that it's a sign to let it go, but my :heart: just keeps thinkin' about that beautiful red riki!!! sigh...

    as for you going back to TOO! well actually, i'm still deciding, and mine will only be part-time, from home...not really the same, eh? :rolleyes: but anyway, i wanted to say that i totally agree with everything you said about this JC forum! it's been such a learning experience, and i really feel like it's a little family of friends here! :yes: i hope that we'll still see some posts from you though?! and with the additional funds of working, perhaps this means there are many more JC bags waiting for you to enjoy! :graucho::okay:
  14. I agree - we are small but is cool, we're like a FAMILY!!!!
  15. i never like to bid until the very end so that i don't drive the price higher w/ those that will bid regardless, and also so i can see what the price range is at the end, and if i can justify it. :rolleyes: as for messages on my cell...yeah, RIGHT! my cheap@#%! DH would be on my butt wanting to know what all the additional charges were on our cell phone bill! :cursing: and that would just create more questions! don't need those! but thanks for the suggestions! i guess if it's meant to be, i'll get to a computer in time.