Cognac Maddy & Black h2osnake ....

  1. So as you know Ive been waiting for this 2 babies to arrive. Well today 8/22 the bags still on "clearance process" since the 15th - I called DHL and they provided me with a 866 number to call (which I did) lady said she couldnt help so she provided the number for the LAX customs (where they are been held hostage) lady there said she needs copy of my SS card because USA is rejecting the package because of the watersnake blah blah blah ... I said NO WAY Im not faxing you my social security card (with all these ID theft).... so I contact JC and request that the order is cxl ASAP. Since they said they cannot just request/cxl one item, they need to cxl the whole order.

    SO no cognac maddy for me for now.:crybaby:
  2. That really sucks! :tdown: I totally don't blame you for not giving out your SS# or wanting to wait who knows how long for the bag to clear Customs as Robyn and I did. I guess as it turns out, I was "lucky" for only having to wait a week to get mine! :hrmm:

    I can see what's coming, isn't going to ship bags to the US that have the watersnake trim much longer. Ah well....I'm really glad I got one, it's such a sharp looking trim on my Riki. Hopefully these bags will still be available for purchase or to order through a boutique, I would imagine that wouldn't change.

    Can you order a cognac Maddy through Casey or some other boutique?? Or can you reorder just the Maddy from :wondering I do hope you find one!
  3. That's too bad. Did you get your red ramona and purple mahala yet? Pics...:confused1:
  4. Stinkerbell - did they ask you for that info as well? Robyn? I thought it was very ackward that she did to me. What she said to me was that since Im importing the bag they needed to verify I was me and that the US customs was rejecting her :confused1: cuz of the watersnake or if I didnt want to give her my SS she ask for a tax ID - that she could verify thru the computer with this (which I do not have) isnt that for companies only?

    Jmcadon - I asked Casey if she had the Cognac but she said none of the boutiques bought them. I decided I do not want the Red Riki no more. I really think I should wait to pay off the purple and the blue first before getting more bags. My BF is really upset right now because of the spending I did with this 2. Specially since I have to pay the car accident I had in his car.

    Im still waiting for the purple - the guy came yesterday and left a note that he was coming back today, I guess I did not hear the bell ring. Besides you all know how this delivery guys are, if you do not answer the door at the first ring they leave, they do not know again.:cursing: So today Im sitting by the door with the tv & radio
  5. Gris - that just ticks me off!

    I totally love my JC bags and I hate to say it but... JC customer service stinks!
    I'm sorry it did not work out.

    On a totally different note ...
    I love your new avatar - the other one scared me :O
  6., I didn't have to give anyone my SS#, my bag just eventually cleared customs on it's own and was finally delivered. I'm glad I wasn't asked, because like you I would have declined and my lovely bag would have been sent back Chooland! :nogood:

    Oh, and I agree with Lady Chinadoll....MUCH better avatar! Is that a photo of you?
  7. No is not me I wish, is my girl crush Adriana Lima from VS
  8. FYI, the ssn or ein is mandatory if the declared value of the shipment entering the in excess of $2,000.00. I would not feel comfortable giving this info to the vendor but would be fine disclosing it to U.S. Customs.
  9. Wow, that's good to know....I had no idea! Thanks for the information Samantha! :tup: It makes sense and so it would seem that it would be perfectly safe to give Customs the requested information. Much better than having a bag returned!
  10. Samantha - I do not understand why Stinkerbell or Robyn were not ask for this info and I was.

    I do agree it is safe but still Im very a*&^l (u know the word) about providing such info to anyone.
  11. gris, it had to be the declared dollar amount. You had two bags that probably had a declared value of around 4K. Robyn and Stinkerbelle had shipments valued less than the 2k limit.
  12. Ooohhhh - I see .... :crybaby: .... you know I just wish that JC lets their buyers know about this upfront. I was specting (dnt knw if thats hw u spell it) that they were going to be on "clearance process" for a few extra days but I was not specting they were gonna ask me for my SS. I check the DHL page in it has been cleared already they are on their way back to UK .... Oh well I guess it was not meant to be.... for now...
  13. I am so surprised how unhelpful can be. They should definitely be explaining the process to their customers( especially when they are spending 3-4k!!) Well, at least you have two amazing Mahalas. Not too much to be upset about there!
  14. ^ true true - what really is making me a little upset is that even thought I will get refunded I will not get refunded the shipping/customs fees ( I knew it )....

    So when are we seing you and another one of your wonderful modeling pics with another JC beauty:graucho:

    How tall are you Samantha? Everything Ive seen on you looks great!!!
  15. Hi Gris....Samantha is right, my bag was only $800, and even if the declared value was the original price (I don't know which value they would use), it would only have been $1600. :shrugs:

    I can NOT believe you're going to be charged the shipping/customs fees! That is so unfair! You didn't return the bags willingly, you were just not comfortable with giving out your SS#. If JC had explained to you prior to ordering that you would have to give out that information, you probably wouldn't have placed the order to begin with. Grrrr.... :cursing:

    And I think the next bag Samantha models should be the ALEX! :graucho: