Cognac Lambskin Cruise 2007 wedges!

  1. I got these on sale lately: I love it, so comfy but not after long day of walking around. So cute with a white or cream day dress.




  2. ohh those are VERY cute! even better since they were on sale!

  3. soooo cute! I just love them, and BTW they look awesome on you!
  4. They do look nice on you. I love the color of the leather, you'll get a lot of wear out of them!
  5. Thanks ladies! The color was perfect, it blends into my (natural) tannish skin. I like how the bottom soles are rubber not leather. I've stopped buying Chanel for 2 months before this. This didn't classify as a large purchase though as it was on sale. But I couldn't resist! :smile:
  6. Hot wedges! I wouldn't be able to resist either! congrats!
  7. those are absolutely fabulous! and you got them on sale? your a lucky girl...i hate you! lol

    by the way, I am new on this site. :yahoo:
  8. Oh wow, I just stumbled upon this. Turns out they were featured in the Cruise 07 NM catalog:


    from eBay
  9. Very cute. great for a summer/fall day. not too casual but not dressy either. i love those kinds of shoes.
  10. Congrats! Great buy!
  11. They are very pretty, and look great on you.
  12. They are the perfect shoe for a nice summers day! Great colour too - they will go with almost everything.:tup:
  13. I love them!
  14. Hot Wedges! love the color. and they look fab on you! Congrats:smile:
  15. lovely on you!