Cognac chamonix with Toile/GH.. Opinion??

  1. Hi.. I've been looking for a Gold/Natural Chamonix Kelly with Toile and GH.. However, my SA found me Cognac Chamonix Kelly with Toile and GH.. What do u guys think?? Will it be much darker than the gold/natural?? Do i pass on this.. I'm just afraid ill regret my decision.. :sweatdrop:

  2. i think it will look patina-d but uniform--if you pass you may wait a long time............i would buy it in a heart beat

  3. i mean really you are NUTS not to (no offense):smile:
  4. I think cognac is darker/richer than gold/natural but in the same family of colors, so presumably, will be more stain resistant. Sounds like a lovely combo to me...especially when the rest of your specs are met. Can you see it first to decide or get your SA to take a picture so you can see it before you decide to take or pass?
  5. ^^ Unfortunately, i cant see it!! but I'm afraid that if i dont take one.. i'll wait a loooooooooooooooong time to get the gold/natural one..

    Actually as i'm typing this i'm wondering if the bag is still available..cause my SA told me to give her my reply within 24hours and its 2 days now..:s:wondering Im trying to makeup my mind before they open.. couple of hours from now.. so i can call her and let her know!
  6. Non-taken.. yes maybe i will be if i dont get it.. OK now i feel NUTS! :cursing:

  7. i mean cognac chamonix --quite honestly its a dream. i think compared to natural is a very similar look--is the size the right size you want? that would be a bigger deal breker for me
  8. Get it! Get it!:yes:
  9. OMG, the thread's title literally stopped my heart. Where is this wonderous bag?! Get it! Shoot if you won't, I will! It's a glorious combo.
  10. Sounds fantastic!
  11. it sounds gorgeous....definitely get it before someone else snatches it up!!!
  12. I'd definitely get it- cognac is such a pretty shade of leather (from any brand really).
  13. I hope it's still available for you!!! Oh, and I guess you can put me down for a "Get this combo! It's gorgeous!!"
  14. GET IT!!!!:drool::drool::drool::drool:
  15. Hermes Junkie, I am surprised you even hesitated!

    Did you get it?