Cognac as my first spy...wht's next???

  1. i just bought my first spy (cognac) few weeks ago but just love it so much.;) it can go with any outfits. i'm now addicted to it and 'd like to buy another one. any suggestions???:confused1: i really love metallic one but still wonder whether it'll last long (pretty much expensive too). should i buy the denim one (saw ss07 denim in Saks)??? personally, i love ss06 striped denim so much but can't find it right now.:shame:
  2. Hmmm... That's a hard one cos all of the Fendi Spys are so nice! But, since you asked, here's my $0.02... The metallic one sounds like a good idea. The cognac can be your "day" Spy and the metallic can be your "evening" Spy. The denim's cute as well and can be your "weekend" Spy.
  3. OOOooooh you lucky girl a cognac! One of the most beautiful! I love it congrats!

    The denim one is a beauty too, but I prefer Leather spy, Why don't you take a honey spy, or maybe a beautiful petrol. There was one on eBay at this moment. The Zucca is cute too. OR a wisteria.
    I try to find them for you.

    here is the zucca: AUTHENTIC FENDI ZUCCA & NAPPA SPY BAG 8BR511 $2075 (objet 170063413801 Fin: 29-Déc-06 02:51:38 CET)

    the wisteria: Beautiful, 100% Auth Honey Wisteria Fendi Spy Bag (objet 130061875300 Fin: 01-Jan-07 18:28:46 CET)

    more: Fendi -  Lambskin Spy Satchel -  Neiman Marcus
  4. the beverly center bloomies has all of what you're looking for.. the denim, the zucca, metallic, and the mink.
  5. I have to throw my vote in for metallic, petrol, or green. Green's pretty hard to find, and there are a couple of very expensive petrol's on eBay right now. Metallic was my first spy, and I love it to bits. I carry it day and night, warm and cold weather. It goes with everything, dressy to casual. It's a neutral color with a punch, and a real attention grabber. It's a special edition so the interior is ultra-luxe also. Love metallic spy!!
  6. ohh i wanna see the inside!
  7. Since you have a basic color spy already, than I would say go with the metallic, it's definitely a stunner!
  8. I love the honey wisteria, their is one on eBay at the moment which is authentic or the new Blue which is being pre-ordered on saks website
  9. new blue

    new denim
  10. ^ I think she's talking about the denim; I quickly went to the site when I read that!
  11. Sorry,keep saying Saks for some reason.......I meant the new Blue Blueberry leather on Neiman Marcus site. Its pre-order a lovely bag
  12. million thks everyone!!!...

    reall like the idea that...metallic 4 the nite & denim 4 the weekend (thks Katgrrrl):yahoo: can anyone show me the pic of "petrol spy"???
  13. Can we see your superbe cognac?:love: j'adooooore le cognac, pour moi c'est défénitivement le plus beau spy en cuir.

    means: I loooooove the cognac, for me it's def, the most beautiful leather spy, so again congrats!!!
  14. here is my pic...

    i put lots of stuffs in it's a little bit fatty now...:roflmfao:
  15. Beautiful spy