Cognac and chocolate python silverado --- are they the same color??

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  1. Just wondering.... Is the cognac color python silverado and the chocolate python silverado the same color or is there a variation??? I bought mine off of eBay, so it never came w/ a tag. I have friends that have the same color and their tag says chocolate... so i'm thinking is the cognac color technically the chocolate??? Can anyone clarify this?? :idea: :confused1:

    TIA :heart: :flowers:
  2. Nope. Cognac and chocolate are two different colors (with different leather trim colors as well), both released during the original campaign for the Chloe Silverado. Rumor has it there was also a dark brown, but I never received firm confirmation on that one.
  3. I'll confirm on Dec 26 :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Thanks Greendrv :flowers:

    Are the colors similar or distinctively different? What color is mine? I love it either way but since i bought it on eBay, it didn't come w/ that circular tag.

    Here's a picture of mines
  5. Ok, I'm just guessing your bag might the cognac as I once saw a python silverado on eBay which was definitely darker brown and it was called chocolate..? But I might be wrong aswell:P
    Which ever it is it's gorgeous and makes me want one too :love:
  6. It depends in which light you take the picture...sometimes my bags looks like D & G Rockstar's bag and other times it looks like dark chocolate brown...its all about lighting and flash. Hope that helps.

  7. Hi Sonja, there's a dark chocolate one w/ contrast leather... and then there's one that called chocolate that looks like the same color as the cognac??? So that's why i'm wondering if cognac is chocolate (technically speaking). :shrugs:
  8. The one I saw was all dark brown - at least it looked like it in the pictures. But it might be the same colour as yours in different lightning as sekmeht said..?
    I'll try to find that auction as I might remember wrong :P
  9. Ah of course I couldn't find that auction anymore.... afterall it might be it was the same colour as yours but just pictured in different lightning.
    I love python silverados, I'd love to have one too:girlsigh: You're a really lucky gal D&G with the most gorgeous bag collection..!!
  10. The chocolate python I had was a very deep rich semi-sweet chocolate brown. Yours is definitely the cognac.
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