Coffer vs nappa leather patchwork

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  1. hi all i'm very confused at the moment. i just bought the miu miu nappa leather patchwork in bone from NM last week, and i love it. now i see that the coffer in brown is on sale, for about the same price. which bag would you guys prefer? i'm about 5'6, lean frame. i love big bags, but the patchwork bag is really big....any suggestions, concerns, advice will be greatly appreciated!

  2. pics?
  3. Hi there,
    Sorry this is OT but I love the pic of your little "apple head". I have 2 chihuahua's myself and have a very big appreciation for the breed.


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  4. I forgot to make my vote. Go for the coffer. I have one (unfortunately paid full price) and I love it!!
  5. hey gals, here are the pictures. i currently have the croissant looking tote (but in bone --from NM)...but the brown coffer is on sale at ntp. however, i'm not sure if i like the color brown in the coffer -- was wondering if anybody has seen in IRL? is the coffer really big? b/c the patchwork bag is ginamorous..although i'm not really complaining...

    sorry for the delay...

    i love chihuahuas...although i'm being really biased by not putting the german shepherd up here. they get along real well...they're like BFF!

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  6. btw your dogs are really cute!!!:P

  7. OK BOO i'm too slow, it's sold out. oh well...:sleepy: