coffer question !?

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010
    I plan to buy a matelasse coffer bag. I love it on reese witherspoon and saw it few times on girls in my city. I don't have a store in my city so I will buy it on a outlet website I've found.
    but I have a queston.
    there are 3 different sizes of the coffer right?
    small, medium, large?

    At the website stand 38 x 5 x 32
    so which size is that?
    I want to use it as a hobo on my shoulder. so it shoudn't be too small.

    they have a few colours between I can choose. black, rose, creme, white, dark brown, khaki. are these the spring summer 2010 colours?
  2. Hi Minababe, I am not sure about the sizes...what I am concerned is, where are you buying the coffer from? I don't think I've ever heard of an online outlet that sells real miumius' (I could be wrong.) Please ask at the authenticate this thread about it.
  3. I agree with butterfly, you shld get the outlet check out creditbility first.

    As for sizes, small may not be for you. As for medium and regular depending how much you are planning to use. Of course if you are planning to use it everyday and bring alot of item.. then you shld go with large.

    Medium and Large generally can go over your shoulder, so both can work as a hobo....

    Reese is pretty small stature... but she is carrying the large... if you like that..maybe the large is great for you!

    Good luck!
  4. this is the link:

    someone told me these are fakes in the authenticate thread .. I can't believe that. they look so good.
    too good to be true :cry:
  5. I think it had been asked before if that website was real or not...I don't follow much the authenticate this thread but I think I read it not long ago...
  6. Yes, and how they look like in the photos is not always trustable either; sometimes the fake-websites take photos of real miu miu bags, and then send the fake ones out! You know that it´s fake when you see the price, that´s all. If they are too cheap, they´re fake... (But in the same time of course, some people sell fakes for full MM price to make you think it´s real.)

    Try to see it this way; you found out before it was too late:flowers:.

  7. I forgot; there is still trustable websites to buy from if you don´t live near a MM store, like Raffaello, Net-a-porter or Styledrops and so on;)