Coffer - pls help me choose a color!

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  1. Hi girls,
    I am new to this forum but love the idea of getting the input of so many informed people! Please help me out! I am in Dallas on business and will be visiting Saks tonight. I called and they have 3 colours of coffers in stock:

    dark reddish brown
    black Patent
    (they have snakeskin too but it is sadly out of my price range).

    Please let me know your vote on which of these will be most serviceable for this season and to come.

    I am so excited! I am from Canada and have never actually seen a coffer in real life. No stores in Canada carry them :sad:
  2. I would buy the brown one. Light colors are on no-no for me, but it would be my second choice. The patent version doesn't do it for me at all.
  3. i LOVE the patent, but it seems so trendy so I dont think I am going to buy one. The handle on the patent is just too cute braided like that and shiny tho.

    I have the white coffer and cream is close to that. I personally have had it a month or so now and never toted it. Gorgeous bag- not really feasible for me. And I prefer light bags in summer only. So... it wouldnt be an all seasons bag for me. In the white's defense tho, I bought a LV white suhali leather bag the same week, and it has gotten preferrential treatment. Poor coffer! lol

    Which brings me to the reddish brown. I'd get IT! lol... I love the thought of the color tho havent seen it IRL yet. It would definitely be my pick of these. Black patent next probably if they were sold out of red. I LOVE the patent. Buy it so I can live vicariously thru you! hehe

    The coffer is a great bag. Congrats on deciding on one! And welcome to tPF.
  4. Hello, welcome to tPF. =)
    I vote for brown Coffer. Have fun tonight, keep us updated on your decision. =)
  5. I also vote for brown - you'll get the most use out of it!

    Note: you can see that I have a cera gauffre - which I LOVE - but it's certainly not a bag I'd use often! My next Prada (or Miu Miu) will be a darker one!

  6. I'd vote brown or cream, but not patent. I think patent distracts from all of the pleats and curves of the design...
  7. I'd go for the brown. It's the most versatile, and you won't have to worry about it getting dirty like the cream one.
  8. the redish brown sounds yummy...
  9. I think the brown one looks best too. Its a classic color and tones the bag down a bit.

    However, I think the coffer is a bit "not so fashionable" lately. I personally feel its was an "It" bag and I m not so sure of its staying power, compared to the gauffre. Furthermore when my friends and I saw some girls carrying it, it didn't look tat great on some of them (the overweight ones); looked like an inflated kiddy purse, kinda childish. It looked a bit too cute for them. But the one gal who carried it well was young, petite and looked really pretty (one friend commented that pretty girls look great with any bag anyway).

    Just my 2 cents worth. No offence to coffer owners. I was actually contemplating buying a coffer myself a week ago. I m sure many here would feel that its a classic and a bag worth owning.
  10. Hmm... I only first saw (and bought) the Coffer in early April -- not knowing at all that it was a popular bag. I just LOVED the bag; the pleats, the exterior pockets, the shape and finally, seeing it for real, touching the leather. I just thought of it as a well made beauty for a decent price. I *did* think it has a bit of an edge and wondered if I'd love it a year from now. Finally, I realized, I will as most of my bags are more classic looking. The Coffer is nicely different for me.

    I don't think I'll mind if this an "IT" bag later on or not, 'cuz that's not why I bought it. I'm also in my 40's and I 've had many compliments on it when I've worn it. One of the things I discovered after buying it is that it's incredibly practical for me for work. I've come to love wearing it with classic suits for work as it gives just that nice accessory touch of an "edge" and a bit of my personality.

    I dunno... maybe at my age I personally tend to care less if a bag is an "IT" or not :smile:
  11. I personally am quite fluffy, and I agree. I've loaded the bag with my stuff and had a fab outfit on specifically to match it, and once viewing my chubby self in the mirror with it- promptly changed bags. LOL
    It is SUCH a pretty bag, but until I successfully diet I just hate how it looks on me. :cursing:
    I was thinking if I had chose black or some inconspicuous color other than white that it wouldn't look as bad.

    I'm 5'8" and 180-ish. When I first tried the bag on last year I was 140. So my perception of loving it has definitely changed along with my pants size! Ugh. lol :wtf:
  12. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for weighing in on this for me! I went last night and fell completely in love with the brown bag. I love the size and shape of it and I think that it suits me nicely.

    BUT, it had 3 unsightly scratches on the top. It really bothered me as it looked less like "character of the leather" type and more like fingernail type scratches. In the stores defence, the leather is really soft and supple so I could see how this could happen but I'd feel better about causing any scratches myself rather than buy a bag already in this state. To this minute I feel sad about it but I will be back in here in a few weeks and I will see about getting a new one brought in before then.

    I also appreciate the email about the bag's "it" status. I'm not sure if it makes a difference to me or not (lets see if I still want the bag so much in a couple of weeks! )

    Thanks for the comments ladies.
  13. Jeneb75, I'm sorry to hear that the brown coffer you saw had scratches. Hope you will find a perfect one on your next trip to the states. =)
  14. I have the coffer in cera, the cream colored one. Now i am going to feel fat wearing it lol, I love the bag, dont care if it is over or a former it bag. most classics started out trendy anyway. I havent even used it yet lol , i havent seen to many people wearing it anyway.