Coffer Frame Bag - Love it or hate it?

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  1. Coffer Frame Bag
    Sand nappa leather frame bag with ruched base and gold hardware. Miu Miu bag has a braided leather strap on each side, a clasp closure with a padlock fastening, two button fastening pockets on front, two pockets on back, and a small metal logo on back. 15 x 10.5 x 5.5"; 7" handle drop. $1590.00USD.

    A beautiful frame version of the cult-status Coffer in a gorgeous sand shade. Wear in the crook of your arm or carry over the shoulder for day. Shown here with a Miu Miu dress, Christian Louboutin shoes and a Chloé bracelet.

  2. I prefer the original coffer. This is too structured for me.
  3. I agree. I compared this frame bag with the regular Coffer last weekend, and it's nice, but something about it didn't fit me right. IMO the handles are too long for a satchel, and I can't stand dual shoulder straps.
  4. actually i love it!
  5. I love it, but hate the fact it doesn't have 'feet'. The leather is so soft I cannot imagine putting it down anywhere without it getting ruined.
  6. I kind of love it. I'm not sure I would continue to love it in a year though, so I couldn't buy it for that reason.
  7. It's very pretty to me. :smile:
  8. I love it but not as much as the regular Coffer.
  9. Cute shape, but the material reminds me too much of a bulldog's face.
  10. It's adorable, but I prefer the original, too.
  11. Its adorable.....but I still prefer the reg coffer bag over it
  12. Love it but wouldn't buy it!;)
  13. I like it, but wouldn't buy it. I'd go for the original
  14. I like it! The original Coffer, while beautiful, is just way too big for me. This is a much better size. My only issue would be whether I could wear it over my shoulder or not. I'm a shoulder bag kinda gal.
  15. Love it!:smile: