Coffer experts: What colors are available?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a Coffer. Can anybody tell me which colors are currently available in stores or will be available this fall? TIA :yes:

    Also, has the bag ever been done in a darker blue, like navy?
  2. check out netaporter's website they have several colors.
    I don't think they have navy,darker blue
  3. ^^^ Yes, thanks, I've been to N-A-P many times. Just wondering about the entire range that's currently available, particularly for the new season.
  4. That's what i can fthink of the coffer color

    Chocolate dark brown
    Camel light brown
    Brown suede
    Plum dark purple
    White patent
    Black patent
    Canvas with gold trim
    Silver with patchwork
    Very deep dark green (i saw it new in Nordstrom today)
    Medium green show on net-a-porter
  5. Thanks LaLa06! :flowers:

    What did you think of the dark green that you saw? Green is one of my favorite colors.
  6. The dark green is really deep dark green close to black, personally i prefer the plum color than the green. Plum color is a really pretty color if i don't have too many dark color bags i will go for the plum too.
  7. Thanks, I'll have to find them so I can check them out IRL.
  8. just to add to the list, i checked out the coffers at NM in san francisco yesterday, there were 2 additional colors:

    navy blue
    blue/green (almost a teal) - not sure if this is the same as the one on NAP

    i was really intrigued by the teal because there aren't many other bags in that color, that i've seen. my favorites were the plum and teal!! very different in a good way!
  9. So there IS a navy blue??? Great. Thanks for the info.
  10. ^^^Thanks shoofly

    Cute baby! :yes:
  11. no problem, cosmopolitan!!!

    thanks for the compliment - he's my baby! 14 mos.