coffer cost in Germany (Munich) :)

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  1. Hi Ladies...
    does anyone know the price of the Reg. Coffer in Germany/Munich?
    and anyone has email address of that boutique?!


    Kiki :heart:
  2. Kiki, I definitely don't know, are you going to Germany? wohoo!
  3. I think it´s about 1000 Euros.
    There is a Miu Miu departmentstore in Munich, I don´t have email but a phone number. The have the coffer in fumo.
    And you could try - that´s a store in munich which has quite a big range of miu miu bags :smile:
  4. ... oooh... that will be same price as Hawaii then... maybe I'll get it there..

    Butterfly: no... DH is in Munich next week... he has been away for 3 weeks now... so I was hoping maybe he can help me to pick one up... but the exchange rate is horrible now (Euro to Canadian)
  5. jsut called... it is 1100 at the boutique... end up the same cost in US...
  6. yes I know, the exchange rate sucks now...when I went to London it was 1.41 USD = 1 pound and now it's 1.63 or something grrrrr