Coffer Bag..will go on sale??

  1. Hi, hopefully this is not a stupid qs :confused1: I love the miu miu coffer bag...and thinking about get one...but I don't need to have it right now...I can wait a few anyone know if its possible to be on sale this December? I love the cream color on Reese Witherspoon pic..I'm going to Hong Kong this knows about the sale season in HK?
  2. She's right. IMO Stydedrops usually has the best prices on Coffers. :tup:
  3. That's an awesome deal. Is this site legit?
  4. I-shop: I loved this bag since I saw the Coffer a year ago. I hesitated to buy it, because I've never paid over $1K for a handbag. :sweatdrop:But I never stopped thinking about it. After heming and hawing on Styledrops' website, I finally took the plunge. The Coffer should arrive next week. :yahoo:

    lilja- Yes, Styledrops is authentic! It's overpriced on most things, but I found the best deal on Coffers at this site.
  5. wow..thank you so much ladies for your input..

    slickskin..congratulations on your new bag..can;t wait to see your new coffer..don't forget to post your pic with the coffer..I'd love to see it.

    Just to assure myself again: is this coffer bag comes with the cross body strap, right?
  6. yes it does I-shop that's what makes coffer fab
  7. It is a beautiful bag.