Coffer bag - too heavy?

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  1. Hi all!
    I purchased a black Coffer bag a while ago, but I have only used it a couple of times. I thinks it´s too heavy to carry around, even when I don´t carry around with a lot of stuff in it.

    What do you think? Is it too heavy?
  2. I do think it's a bit heavy esp compared to my bal bags, but the bag is so fab that I don't care, haha.
  3. Yeah, I agree with you! My Bal bags aren´t that heavy comparing to the Coffer.
  4. Yes, the coffer is a bit heavy...I remember I bought it and I was carrying a Dior bag and I changed my stuff and I felt the difference in weight but I LOVE my I don't care!
  5. Yes it is heavy but i still love it!!!
  6. I agree it is heavy. Even when I don't put a lot of stuff in it.
    My medium nappa charm feels lighter even when I load much more in it...

    But the coffer is so pretty I don't really care also...
  7. Yes, this bag is really havy to mee and that's why I can't decide to buy it. I know I'll be avoiding it...
  8. It´s great that you all still carry your Coffer bags, even thou it´s pretty heavy! :smile:
  9. I agree, I purchased the Matelasse bags instead. I LOVE Miu Miu bags but some of them can be very heavy empty. Maybe the hardware? But, the fabulous leather makes up for current favorite bag brand :love:
  10. I agree Coffer ain't the lightest bag in the market but I still love it.. LOL
  11. Oh no, I find the coffer not that bad, In my opinion my Marc Jacobs Stam is a killer and my Chloe Paddington.
  12. Nooo...Compare with my Bbag Work GH, Coffer is much much more lighter :smile:
  13. Not the coffer, but I had a Miu Miu bow that was too heavy with my stuff in it. I returned it. Do you live in a city where you have to schlepp around on foot or subway? If I lived in a driving town, I might have kept it, but it was too heavy when I have to walk everywhere.
  14. Yup, it's heavy + braided shoulder strap hurt if it's on my shoulder for too long. But i still adored it. I'm a weirdo right???:confused1:
  15. Yes it is heavy but i only noticed it after 2 years of owning the bag! I never even remember the coffer being that heavy until a few weeks ago, and when I checked to see what on earth I had in my coffer, there was hardly anything? I still love it to bits though :P