Coffer bag silver or gold hardware?

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  1. Hi all! ;)
    Coffer bag hardware is silver or gold?
    that is it changes by season or every season are both available?
    Which do you prefer? :biggrin:
  2. Hi Albion,
    there are coffers with silver HW and gold HW.
    The classic black lambskin coffer only comes with gold HW afaik, the others depend on the season they came out in. At the moment that means gold HW even though I think you can still find silver HW coffers in the stores.

    Personally I prefer silver HW because I only wear silver jewellery but I'm willing to make allowances: I absolutely want the classic coffer so I'd be prepared to go with gold HW :biggrin:
  3. I prefer the coffer with matt gold hardware. I don't care for the shiny silver hardware. Not unless it's matt.
  4. Lilja, me too :biggrin:
    I prefer silver jewellery, but I like gold hardware (probably because I always saw in Rome gold hardware) on coffer bag :biggrin:
  5. Me too...:biggrin:
    but I have silver I didn't know how match silver jewellery and gold hardware...:P
  6. I used to wear silver jewellery all the time but now I'm switching to gold somehow. I think I need the same bag in gold and silver hardware. :sweatdrop:
  7. I buy BOTH gold and silver jewelery! :P

    Honestly, unless you are going to go for serious bling, simple silver jewelery will still look good with the coffer's classic gold hardware. It's matt gold so a lot more subtle and easier to match.
  8. I don't mind so much about the silver or gold hardware. Most importantly is the color of the bag.

    I think the silver hardware will make the coffer looks casual and the gold hardware will make the coffer looks formal. What do you ladies think?

    Will the silver or gold hardware tarnish thru time? Anyone who owns a Miu Miu over 2 years can share with us? :biggrin:
  9. Thanks a lot, girls! :biggrin:

    I'd like to buy black it available with gold and silver hardware?
    I have seen only with gold hardware...
  10. I've seen a black lambskin with silver HW in pictures. But I am not sure they came in that combo. My black lambskin Coffer comes with gold HW(BTW it is not goldplated, more like brass which is yellow metal in colour). Brass is normally easier to care for. You can polish off tarnish(if any) with solutions like Brasso.
  11. Silver hardware!
  12. I prefer gold hardware or worst case brass.Silver hardware for me is a reason not to buy the bag even if I like the design...... Now it sounded strange while composing the post ...but this is what I do :confused1: