Coffer bag owners.. Help please

  1. Hi ladiea
    I have just bought a miu miu coffer bag but i can't seem to open the bag :S i know it's a stupid question but how do i open the bag? The clasp is really hard to deal with !! :sad:
  2. Maybe it's locked? Try open it with the key
    if it's not locked, the clasp is not hard to be openned ;)
  3. Look at the lock. See the small metal circles?
    Put your thumb on the outside of one circle, put your finger on the outside of the other circle, and squeeze. Push the 2 little circles towards each other. That will disengage the clasp, the whole metal apparatus.

    Then you can lift the top and open. Make sense?

    Did you get it?

  4. Thankk you ladiees i opened it finally LOL omg im so stupid!! XD
    The coffer is tooooo heavy and the leather is not durable :sad: im having buyer remorses :sad:
  5. return?
  6. Yes most likely :sad:
  7. what color did you get?? I've been looking at coffers for ages and trying to commit to a color.

    I had a friend that went travelling with one. I'm talking 6 countries in a month using planes, trains and automobiles..hers held up well. I'm surprised.
  8. Wow!! Is her coffer made of lambskin or shiny calf?
    I bought dark brown... But it's really not "that" dark
    I dont know how to post pictures :p
    In my opinion for that amount of money you'd have to pay for this bag i would rather save up a little more and get a chanel GST !!
  9. My friend's bag was a brown but a light or neutral brown and not the shiny calf. If you are after the Chanel--go for it.
  10. i have the coffer in smaller size ( not the regular) in lambskn. i carry it on a daily basis to work. it holds up pretty well and i do not exactly baby my bag. the regular size is quite heavy in my opinion.
  11. I have that size too but I don't really find it useful for myself. IMO the small bow fits more especially when you want to take a little water bottle with you. hm I am selling mine.