Coffee stains permanently on my lambskin jumbo

  1. I brought my bag to the Chanel Store in SF and they tried to remove the coffee stains (someone knocked over whilst I was getting off the subway).

    I have also treated it with Apple conditioner but it's not working! The coffee stains is less visible now but you can still see the streaks!

    The more I try to clean it, the more wrinkles my lambskin gets. So I am trying to avoid too much rubbing causing the leather to cringe up like some raisin.

    Any suggestions???
  2. OMG!! Jumbo + lambskin + subway +apple guard. You must seek Chanel's help ASAP.
  3. ah! :wtf:
  4. Who spilled coffee on your bag!? Omg ... I would have grabbed that person and made them pay! How horrible ....
  5. OMG, sooooo sorry this happened to you!! I have no suggestions, but wish you lots and lots of luck!!! :yes:
  6. Good luck, hon. That's awful! In Chicago, no food or drinks are allowed on public transportation (tho on the trains to the 'burbs, people eat and drink).
  7. What!!!:cursing:, I would had smacked the person that did it and made him/her paid for it!!!, in other words I would had been P***ed off, good luck honey... I feel your pain:crybaby:, this has never happen to me so I hope you 'll find some sort of help w/these coffee stains!

    BTW I'm sooo happy here in Southern California....EVERYONE loves to drive their cars..even if it is a 3 blocks drive!
  8. thats horrible!
  9. oh my gosh...that sucks. let us know what happens to your bag. it happened on the MUNI, didnt it? sighss..
  10. Awwwwww sorry to hear that! I would have killed that guy!! kidding :angel:
  11. wow, what color is it in? You should have made the person compensate you for that!!!
  12. Thanks Ladies for your concerns. I have been so depressed. I know it's only a bag but not being able to remove the stain really bums me out.

    No FOOD or drinks are allowed on the subway (BART), but I see people carrying them anyways. ESPECIALLY in the mornings, some a-hole was reading his blackberry, carrying his coffee mug and juggling his newspaper. I kindly let him out first as the door opened, so that he would not spill anything on me, OR MY BAG. Who knew that as we were on the escalator, his coffee spills on my bag cause he was paying close attention to his paper, as his hand tilted and **splash**. I quickly RAN to my office to clean it off and I had apple cleaner at my desk. But the stain just set in.

    It's driving me crazy. My bag is GRAy, so it's very visible. NOw with the wrinkle, crinkle on the side, my bag looks a little Distressed after all that attempt to lift the stains!

    I should have insured my bag....
  13. Aww... What an jerk! What aboout taking it to a professional and reputable leather cleaner?
  14. i'm SO sorry to hear that!!! I think I would've snapped!! definitely talk to chanel or call their hotline.
  15. omg im sorry to hear this!