Coffee singles?

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  1. So, on the advice of step-daughter, I purchased some coffee singles last night. It's like buying tea bags, but they are coffee instead. OMG-I have to say, these are terrible! Ugh! What awful watery coffee these things make! I am actually not surprised, this is what I expected they would be like that is why i never bought them before. But, she uses Folger's coffee singles and was saying how good they were (she also likes Starbucks coffee which I LOVE, so, I thought she would be right here too). Man, oh man, these stink!

    I will admit, i didn't buy Folger's, I bought the Maxwell House coffee singles, but, still-YUCK!

    Anyone else try these things and like them?
  2. I haven't tried those actually. However if you want one cup, I just bought hubby the new Tassimo coffee maker for Christmas. It's similar to those you find at office buildings where you put in one packet and it brews one cup of coffee, tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate (my favorite!) and more at a time. My gf has one and it's awesome! I highly recommend it!
  3. I second the one cup coffee maker. Tastes much better than the coffee bags.
  4. I can't remember which brand I tried years ago, but I gotta agree with you; the coffee for one "tea" bags are awful.
  5. We have one at work and I agree it's awesome! For the price it is so worth it! I'd have one at home but I mostly drink coffee at work.
  6. My cousin and I went out to eat and we asked for coffee and they brought them to me, her and my PHH. He told her to take the cup of hot water away. That reminds me...I was going to send some to my cousin for Xmas. We tried them and they were AWFUL.
  7. For anyone who's ever had a good, freshly brewed cup of tea from tea leaves..

    Tea bags are awful!!
  8. I've found I need two bags for one cup coffee. Otherwise too weak!
  9. I drink way too much coffee in a day, so a single serve bag has just never appealed to me.
  10. If you like very strong coffee, I would recommend test driving those one cup things that take little cuplings of coffee before making the investment.
  11. try the Nespresso machine!
  12. Are these (Tassimo-type one-cup coffee makers) easy to take care of? In other words, do you need to clean them every time you use them?

    I've recently begun drinking a cup a day at home, but since I'm the only one to do so, I've just been using Nescafe instant. I want better coffe, but don't want to deal with filters, etc and cleaning a coffee maker for just one cup.

    TIA for any info!
  13. Nope they definately do not need to be cleaned after each use. Here is the link to the website with a ton of info. They are wonderful!

    Tassimo Home
  14. i was @ target n was gonna try those but then i figured a single packet proabbly isnt strong enough for my taste. ;D
  15. My neighbor gave me Japanese single serve coffee when she came back from Japan.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Coffee is already in the paper filter. Set it on the cup or mag and just pore hot water. I like strong coffe and they are great. I can make 2 cups. I have been trying to find them in Japanese/Korean/Chinese stores here in Dallas but no luck yet.