Coffee Creamer. Coffee Mate vs SO Delicious?

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  1. Hi ladies!:biggrin:

    I was at Whole Foods Sunday night and came across the SO Delicious Coconut Milk coffee creamer. I figured I'd give it a shot since I loooooove coconut milk. However, after bringing a measuring cup to work today to measure out exactly 1 teaspoon like the nutritional value is broken down to, I realized it takes way more than 2-3 teaspoons of SO Delicious to make my cup of coffee sweet. After 6-7 teaspoons of the coconut milk it basically adds up to 100+ calories, versus 2 cups of Coffee Mate's which equals to only 60 calories.

    I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition facts or health. Would anyone here have any information as to which creamer would ultimately be "healthier"?
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  2. Coffee mate products are chemicals and transfats. I wouldn't touch the stuff, personally.

    I don't know much about SO coconut creamer but a quick Google search found this: showing the creamer product has carrageenan which is a thickening agent that may be linked to inflammation, and titanium dioxide (for color) which I wouldn't want to ingest if I could help it.

    Why not try real coconut milk or a spoonful of coconut oil, both of which are considered to be healthy alternatives to dairy. Coconut fat is considered to be a "healthy" fat so don't get confused by fat or calorie content.
  3. If you are not dairy sensitive, your best bet is real half-n-half. The healthy fat helps keep your blood sugar under control. If you are dairy sensitive, real coconut milk/cream is the next best choice.
    For either, if you really need/want the flavoring, try just a few drops of actual real vanilla.

    Some of the So Delicious are OK, some not. As Redney mentioned it's the emulsifiers (and other additives) you want to watch for. Proven Microbiota killers. Coffeemate is garbage.

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    I generally try to avoid creamers as they're filled with chemicals and other additives. I prefer real dairy or coconut milk for my drinks and real sugar or agave to sweeten.
  5. not sure that any creamer is good for you, and i use a ton of creamer myself... a guilty pleasure. of the two i'd stick to the real dairy creamer, the second one, and not the coffeemate. although lower in calories they likely have other unhealthy ingredients and sugar substitutes, which many people have bad reactions to
  6. I stay away from all creamers. I steam fat free milk for my lattes.
  7. Do not try this @ home--
    But powdered coffee creamer becomes an excellent fireball. :biggrin:

  8. Holy Yikes! Same kind of explosion is common in grain elevators when heavy concentrations of flammable corn dust becomes suspended in air and compressed.

    I avoid artificial creamer as it contains trans fats and chemicals. I have a milk steamer and frother and love it. Use it with low-fat milk although whole milk works better. It can make a ho-hum cup of drip coffee special. When I'm feeling indulgent I add a splash of half-and-half. My grandmothers drank it every day and they lived to be nearly 100. Dairy fat is not bad for you and as Twinkle.Tink pointed out is probably very good for you.