Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  1. Can anyone suggest a good hot drink from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? I ALWAYS end up getting a Vanilla Iced Blended & I wanted to try something hot, now that the weather is starting to get cold.
  2. Creme brulee flavored coffee with a little bit of half and half is my favorite!
  3. Morrocan Mint Tea Latte :drool: Soooooo good. The Coffee Bean is my fave coffee places! I'd choose them over Starbucks most of the time. Love it.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I have to try the Mint Tea Latte next time I go!
  5. I usually order the vanilla ice blended too, I'll have to try the suggestions as well, when I go back home. I hate that they dont have any CBTL in the UK or even europe!
  6. i miss coffee bean =( it's sooo good! this is dorky, but i love their purple straws haha
  7. does anyone get coffee bean mixed up with peets or is it just me?


    the lady who works there go really mad when i got the two mixed up