COFFEE BEAN buy 1 get 1 FREE!

  1. text the word BEAN to 22987 and then you will receive a text back with a coupon for buy 1 ICE BLENDED and get 1 FREE that you can show to the cashier when making your order. Expires Aug 31.

    store locator:

    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  2. ooh, yay! thanks!
  3. I love coffe bean, THANX!!!!!
  4. just think, if you go there often enough - you may bump into David Beckham.............that's what I'm hoping!! :love:


  5. :crybaby:I miss Coffee Bean! I grew up in LA and only get to have an Ice Blended vanilla a few times a year when I visit my parents.
  6. spacytracy - Thanks for the info! Will use the coupon later:yahoo:
  7. i used to go to that Coffee Bean! I only get Ricki Lake & soap stars at the Bean i go to now.
  8. I wish they had Coffee Bean here in NYC.


    That and In & Out Burgers.

    Sometimes I really miss California.
  9. yay! Used it last night~ Going back for more today!

    thanks :smile:
  10. ^ so you literally just show them the text on your phone?
  11. YES! Thank you! The BEAN Rocks!
  12. which one is it?? I've been trying to figure it out for sooo long.
  13. yep, and you can get a new text everyday or just keep showing them the same one. By the end of Aug I'm gonna be fat blob with all the calories that are in those things! Guess I better hit the gym ASAP! hehe.

    DH says just cuz its BOGO that doesn't mean I have to go so response is......I never ever pass on using a coupon! I totally admit it, I am a COUPON WHORE!! :supacool:
  14. it's the one on beverly dr., just south of wilshire
  15. the one at the grove?? hmmm, where the heck is that?