Coffee addicts unite!!

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  1. I am a bona-fide coffee fiend. Espresso, Keurig, pour over, french press - you name it, I've tried it. The amount of money my mother, fiancé and I spend on different blends and methods is absurd, but, it is truly my most beloved delight.

    Any one else a coffee snob/fanatic and want to share their greatest hits (and misses) when it comes to the sacred java bean?
  2. I'm here! I've used just about every type of coffee maker in the past 40 years. My husband started collecting vintage coffee makers two years ago and we use them all the time, switching out every couple of days. I am amazed at just how well these work and how delicious the coffee is. I think you really have to experiment with the grind, so you can get it matched just right to your coffee maker. Once you get that part settled, then the rest is a breeze.

    I do not like flavored coffees at all. Like you, we try all sorts of beans. I live in an area about 3,000 miles west of you where there is literally a coffee shop on every corner, so we have lots of opportunities to try new things.

    What are your favorites?
  3. I'm a coffee snob, no instant muck for me. We have an espresso maker and I could never go back to life without one
  4. At the moment I have a Keurig and Nespreso. I don't want to be limited to the (oft-times bland) Keurig coffees, so, I've tried Intellegentsia, Blue Bottle, Stumptown, etc. I use a ceramic pour over when I brew these.

    I tend to use the Keurig/Nespresso on week days, when I am running out of the door at 7 am and can't be bothered with grinding/brewing. I save the coffee alchemy for weekends :smile:

    Intellegentsia is my favorite so far. I found myself really adoring the coffee in a few Manhattan shops, (Ground Control/Ost) and ordered bags when I realized they both brewed it.

    Their Gichathaini Kenya roast is insanely wonderful :smile:
  5. I love a good cup of coffee but I feel like I'm missing out on so much more and that I have a lot to learn about making tha perfect cup for me. Any recommendations on a good brand of coffee to try?
  6. I couldn't live without regular espresso during the day, decaf after dinner though:smile:
  7. I love coffee everything! Soo bad but soo good! I'm addicted to Starbucks. Again soo bad and expensive but so good! I've tried other brands but its just not my cup of coffee :sad:
  8. Hubs and I are both coffee lovers. We occasionally branch out and try new brands, roasts, etc. Our regular brand is Eight O'Clock Columbian, whole bean. Last year for Christmas, I gave him some different types of coffee as a gift. We have a 10 cup Braun coffee maker that's older, but still works very well.
    Between the two of us, we can easily go through a big pot by noon on the weekends. Our favorite "cups" are actually 24 oz.
    I don't feel truly awake until I take that first sip of what I call Salvation in a Cup.
  9. Frappes, for the win. I am forever addicted and obsessed with this frozen, blended coffee drink. I also love hot Mochas, too. Especially Peppermint Mochas. I look forward to ordering it once it gets colder here in Norcal. Love it.
  10. I also love coffee. I like bold strong flavors. I have a traditional brewer and a keurig, and a grinder for whole beans. The better the quality of the beans, the less it needs, black is best for me. However when I go to Starbucks, I add syrups and milks, then its more like dessert. I never go to dunkin donuts, can't stand it. For store bought ground, I use Brown Gold.
  11. I cannot live without coffee. My all-time favorite is Cafe Bustelo--I order it by the case from javacabana. Really any strong espresso roast will do. I bought a Keurig a while ago but I have been very disappointed in the coffees I have tried, and the so-called Eco-brew cup, where you can use your own coffee, doesn't work very well in my experience.

    I love Braun coffee makers because they last forever-I have had my current one for at least 10 years. Occasionally I get fancy with a French press and home-ground beans, and I also have a little stove top espresso pot.

    The only thing I put in my coffee is French vanilla creamer. I love Bailey's creamer or International Delight, but dislike Coffeemate creamer. My husband likes to try different flavors.

    On the rare occasions that I go to Starbucks I usually get the mocha latte.
  12. My sisters husband used to drink something called "Rocket Fuel"!!!(basically just pure caffeine)

    I loved it when I went round there but I think it's discontinued now..

    The English mainly prefer instant coffee with milk and sometimes sugar, which didn't exist when I lived in Paris- I prefer my coffee short and strong!!!

  13. Neither can I!

    A day without coffee is a day lost!