coffee accident


Jul 12, 2009
Well I've had a horrible day. I had a ct san at 10am. Had a reaction to the medincine they use. Was extremely dizzy getting out of the car when I got home and spilt coffee on my galleria:wtf: I ran up stairs almost crying and grabbed baby wipes. Thought for sure my bag was ruined but it came out! I just hope the leather doesnt dry out now. I just so happened that one day I picked up baby wipes just incase I'd ever need to use them on a bag. Good thing I did.
Oct 6, 2006
New Jersey
aww,, I dropped a cup of iced tea on part of my neverfull handle,, but it faded right into the vachetta,, you can't even tell at all luckily!! *phew*
Jun 5, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
I'm sorry your day was so bad, but you were smart and used your wipes right away, so I'm sure your bag is just fine and I really don't think the leather will dry out at all. I know that I tend to be so nervous about something like that possibly happening with my newer LV bags, and once I get that little smudge or spill on the bag I then tend to be alot more care-free about using my bags.


Happy Chrissy!
May 11, 2009
I've used baby wipes on my Gal and NF and the vachetta always ends up glossy after a few may look dry after initially using the wipes, but it will have that sheen again eventually.