Coeur (Heart) Coin Purse Club!

  1. Here are mine! I got the Perle vernis and the Pomme d'Amour! :love:
    I'll post better pictures later tonight.

  2. Wow I Love Both Colors Together...great choice, Congrats!
  3. I bought the MC and Framboise. I'll get them tomorrow and post pictures.
  4. I just picked mine up! :yahoo:I love your lovely!
  5. wow the pomme is really beautiful!! congrats ladies!
  6. Am I the only one who got the pink one?
  7. I love it, Stefania!! :love:..I think Z&J also got a Framboise!
  8. Cool! I love yours too. I cant wait to see them dangling from some of your bags...
  9. I am in! First time joining an LV club!:yahoo:
    IMG_0101.JPG IMG_0103.JPG
  10. Here are some better pics, including some of the Coeurs on a couple of my bags!
  11. i'm joining you guys soon.....i'm suppose to get RED, but now i see the PINK.... awww, can't decide!!! but i gotta be strong....JUST ONE of them!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Rebecca - the red pomme heart looks ridiculously AMAZING on your miroir! What a HAWT combination!!!
  13. Rebecca, you're making this too hard for me.....!!!

    LOOOOOOOVE your new goodies!!! congrats!:heart: :heart: :heart: so...what are you getting next?!!;) :graucho: :p
  14. Aww thanks!!!
    Lol next will be some Pomme Inclusion pieces (Speedy keyring when it comes in again, the ring when they get my size and maybe the bracelet) and maybe the Amour scarf.
    Then in March I'll be getting the Porte Monnaie Round from the polka dots line in green (it's the vernis looking thing with the Trunks and Bags logo).
  15. Mine


    ...god the framboise and gorgeous too, how can you not want ALL!!