Codes for Raffaello Network?

  1. They halved their shipping charge to the US to around 9 bucks, for anyone else who is interested.

    2 questions: Has anyone purchased from Raffaello Network before? And anyone know of any CODES?

    Any feedback appreciated! :yes:

  2. i purchased my miu miu handbag there about two years ago. i think they are okay. :yes:
    they have lots selection...but the price seems a little bit higher than elsewhere IMO. but at least, they are selling the authentic stuff.

    and sorry, i dont have any code.

    hope other ladies could help you on this. good luck :rolleyes:
  3. Bumped this up.

    Has anyone got any current discount codes?
  4. I'm looking for coupon codes for Raffaello too
  5. UP! And I looking Raffaello's coupons *)