Codes for Karizma Boutique?

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  1. Was wondering if anyone had any codes for Karizma Boutique?:confused1:
  2. Me too. I missed that last one and now I want to order a dress. Fingers crossed.
  3. Use code toutie25% for 25% off.
  4. Thanks!

    Keep them coming I thought I read somewhere a while back that there was 40% code. Not sure how often that comes around. If anyone has it please post.
  5. I recently spoke to one of the SA's there (was going to swing by the store so checking to see if they had any Baca's in-store). I asked about the 40% but was told it's no longer valid and that at this time, they're not planning to do that again. i wouldn't be surprised if they were bombarded w/ various requests,etc... anyway, i think i talked to her last thurs/fri? so that's the update...
  6. Thanks for the update! I'll go with the 25%.
  7. Shellie usually calls me when she's gong to have a sale, so I will post it as soon as I hear of one. I wouldn't be surprised if she does one over Labor Day, although I know she is on vacation the last week of August-so maybe she won't run one if she's out of town. :rolleyes:
  8. shellie also told me she probably would not do another 40% for a while.
  9. Thanks!;)