Code of Prada bag

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Code of Prada

  1. Prada multi

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  2. It doesn’t have in the website

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  1. Does anyone know the code of Prada bag? 29342792-FFEE-4A2E-B83A-2480C1EA7EE5.jpeg
  2. Prada doesn't do codes as such. I've seen this somewhere recently too. Probably called something like cross body nylon with chain and strap. Or it might be called bandoliera with chain.
  3. Thank you
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  4. I emailed Prada customer service and they told me this information
    Prada Re-edition Crossbody bag (item code: 1BH204)
  5. I think this is the full name (in the photo). And I’ve also heard it referenced as the re-edition 2005. Whereas just the bag (no cross body strap/pouch attachment) is the re-edition 2000.

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