Code needed for Black Caviar Timeless Clutch Please

  1. Hi, I've searched through numerous threads and though there are lots of pics of this lovely bag and also some prices, I cannot find the style code anywhere. The SA at the boutique I called did not seem to know which clutch I was describing and asked me to get a code.

    So please could a tPF'er who owns this style please kindly post the style code if they have it. I would be very grateful. TIA x
  2. Found it by looking at pics on eBay:


    Since I'm not familiar with Chanel style numbers I don't know if you need anything after that. When I called to search for a bag all they needed was the "A" followed by the 5 digits. I can't see anything after the "Y" becuase the picture I looked at wasn't clear.
  3. 07P A32342Y01588. HTH:smile:
  4. Thank you so much you guys. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me find it!
  5. what is the retail price of the timeless in caviar?
  6. $995 in caviar and i think $1050 im debating whehter to get one or not too! black or white...caviar or lambskin...i've been bad and getting so many things lately...