Code for MuseTen?

  1. Does anyone have a code for them? Sorry I'm new and not sure if there is another place I should post this? Thanks!
  2. ^The last I heard, Muse Ten does not offer codes on a regular basis. They sometimes send a code out to loyal customers but that is about it. What kind of bag are you looking for? Perhaps another member or myself knows where another boutique might sell one.
  3. Thanks! I am really looking for the MAM, Nikki or Mini Nikki. I definately prefer the silver I am thinking a black MAM (or blue mini nikki if I can catch one on bluefly) or an espresso Nikki...I'd like to find one on sale/with a code, but not sure that is going to happen!
  4. Try doing a search for 'Muse' in the Deals & Steals forum! Good luck!