Code for Macy's free shipping inside

  1. I am not sure if this is going to work for anyone but me, but thought I would post it here and give it a shot.

    I placed an order online last night with and when I did, I registered on their website. Once I did that, they gave me a coupon code for free shipping off of my online order of $100 or more.

    Here it is:

    And to get your shopping off right, enter code XR0XB0Q96D0R at checkout and you'll get FREE SHIPPING on your next $100 online purchase!*

    Hope it works for others! Or, you can just try registering on their site if you never have before.
  2. "XR0XB0Q96D0R" this code still works!! I saved $14 shipping... Thanks!
  3. OH man.. I got this error.. what does this suppose to mean!!! :sad:
    We're sorry. The Promo Code you entered has already been used. Please try again, or contact Customer Service at 1-800-BUY-MACY (1-800-289-6229).
  4. ^^^ The code can only be used once.
  5. I just signed up for a new email and got a new code yay! thanks