Code for Funkylala??

  1. Anyone have a code for this store? There are some things I "need" and am desperate for a code!! TIA!:graucho:
  2. LOL! Ive been wanting the same thing for a loooooong time. My advice to you: dont bank on it!
  3. Just an FYI...twice over the past couple of months, I have written to them to inquire about price matching and coupon codes. Not ONCE have they responded which brings me to question whether I really want to shop with them if that is representative of the customer service they provide!!
  4. Yeah that sucks. In this day and age, the world of online shopping (atleast IMO) needs to have things like free shipping, discount codes, and the like. In fact, I only shop from establishments that provide either or both of those things. I have a feeling is no where close to being in the same league as revolve, luna boston to name a few. Its unfortunate that funkylala doesnt partake in the spirit of providing online bargains, and Im sure that hurts their business. Lunaboston had received my attention long ago with their 25% and 20% codes, and now I count it as my top online boutique and consider myself a loyal customer, because I know that like so many other boutiques, they have the latest handbag styles, but additionally (and what differentiates them from the crowd), is that I know that I will more than likely get the best deal from them as well.
  5. i'm new to this forum, but i can't believe that they didn't respond. i've bought from them a few times now and have zero complaints - free shipping and everything (plus they gift wrap everything, bows and all!). i bought bags and clothes, but they have been extremely helpful and always get back to me really quickly. have you tried contacting them by phone (never had to myself, just figured...) - i really can't imagine they'd disregard. anyhow, i don't know of any gift codes, but on my second purchase in 6 months i got a free shipping upgrade and on my next, i'll get 10% off the products i order - even if it's on sale already.
  6. i just posted codes
  7. Ive had a great experience with FunkyLaLa. I bought a bag last week and need to return it and they have been helpful and nice. So its worth giving them a try :smile: