***code For Activeendeavors 25% Off!!!***

  1. I know there are codes for 20% off, but I just used one for 25% off and it totally worked! It saved me $150!

    The code is "sorry25". If that doesn't work, "apologies" should.

    I hope this helps somebody! :yahoo:

  2. what did you get??? :p
  3. LOL. I didn't end up buying the Botkier off of there. I bought some clothes...skirts, dresses, etc. They were trying to say on the large chocolate Botkier (on the page where it is advertised) that the code wasn't good for Botkier, but then it worked, so who knows. I just purchased the chocolate medium satchel from ADASA and got 25% of as well. :supacool:
  4. Thanks for posting the code--apologies worked for me and I got a Rafe Bryce Jane Street for $215!! yay!!
  5. :yahoo:I'm glad that somebody else benefited other than me. hehe
  6. i just bought a pair of jeans the other day using the 20 off code, do you think they'll give me a price adjustment? they haven't even come in yet...
  7. Dang I just bought some stuff last week. Oh well..
  8. wow, a big thank you - will update you guys if i get something ;)

  9. I'm not sure. I have ordered from them before, but I have never had to deal with their customer service. Maybe you could call and ask? I have read mixed reviews about this store, but you never know. I found the code on some promo codes site and just tried it for the heck of it and it worked. Good luck!

  10. Sorry...maybe try to get a price adjustment as well? I'm not quite sure what their policies are.
  11. No problem. I hope you find something you like! :yes: