Code for 3 day sale

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  1. The one hour priority code is 3days

    It will work from 3pm GMT.

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks - very exciting!
  3. I got an email from BE with a different code for access. Do they both work?
  4. My email has a different code to that which Jackie has said here as well.
  5. I received an email last night from Jackie around 2:45 am in which she said the code was 3bags and said it was ok to post (but I was asleep) 3bags is the same code contained in the newsletter.

    Wonder if Contessa hijacked Jackie's PF account and is attempting to throw us all off with a fake code....LOL
  6. Ha! Wouldn't surprise me!

    I wonder if the 3bags code has a subliminal power that means we all 'have to' buy 3 bags in the sale? :nuts: Wonder whether that'll wash with DHs and OHs? LOL!
  7. ummm.......what's an OH? (not "other husband", LOL?)
  8. :roflmfao: I'll have to check with mine.:nuts:
  9. OH = Other Half (ie. partners)

    suzi, you're a bad influence ......!!:roflmfao:
  10. Suzi...maybe your other husband will let you buy 10 bags....kind of play one off on against the other...LOL
  11. So seriously how many of you have tried the code already? LOL
  12. I am intrigued by 'the other code' and wonder whether it offers a higher % discount than '3bags'. Perhaps it has gone to older customers or to people who recommended friends and family to BE in 'The Competition'?
  13. Are you working in cahoots with Contessa Jenova?
  14. Oooooh nooooo but I am always very suspicious :police::police::police:
  15. Once again I am confused as to when the sale starts. Can anyone help a very time challenged gal? I am in TN on Central Time. My code in the email was 3bags too. Thanks in advance!