Coco's Croco

  1. Nordstrom MOA received one piece from the Coco's Croco collection. This piece is the same as a 226 from the 2.55 collection and retails for $3195. Also, the inside flap has a mirror on it.
    Coco's Croco 2.JPG Coco's Croco 1.JPG
  2. Beautiful! Thanks for posting.
  3. gorgeous!
  4. Wow...pretty!
  5. Beautiful !
  6. Where are all the versions of this in the vibrant colors: yellow, orange, purple, turquoise? I've seen the black and I know we're all wondering what's with the price since it's not leather. It's a winner look-wise. The question remains how many clients are going to bite the bullet cost wise -- and since this is a flap, will it not be included in the flap/reissue increase that looms large?
  7. I've seen the turquoise version at UK Chanel boutiques. Lovely bag but ITA with the rest of you on the price!
  8. Yes, the price seems a bit off putting for fabric.:tdown: However the colors are beautiful.
  9. my heart literally skipped a beat with those gorgeous pics!
  10. Thanks for the pictures Chanelboy!I've seen the black e/w and it's gorgeous :nuts:I bet the coloured ones are more than beautiful:love: but that price for satin is burning lol!:crybaby:
  11. It's very pretty, I just wish they were leather. The price is steep.
  12. It's divine.
  13. ITA!
  14. chic!
  15. So pretty, too pricey though.