Coconut Oil and a Flatter Tummy!

  1. I have a coworker that has been taking coconut oil capsules daily (2 with lunch/2 with dinner) for the last two weeks and has noticeably lost her puggy stomach. She indicates that her mother did the same by taking a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil at each meal. Does anyone here know much about the benefits of coconut oil for weight loss? Something that I might consider.
  2. Could she also be doing something else to lose weight? Sometimes when one starts to take a suppliment, they also invertently start watching what they eat, or start excersising more. After two weeks, it could aslo be water weight loss, she may have started the capsules when she was bloated from her period.
  3. I've seen her eat so I know she hasn't changed her diet and she states that she has not been exercising either. Today I've been doing some research on the internet about the benefits of coconut oil and weight loss and there may be some valide claims.
  4. Well, cool! Prehaps it's a fiber thing.. the more fiber you ingest, the more wieght you lose.
  5. I think coconut oil capsules are a bunch of bullcr@p. The reason is this: I come from a country where people use coconut oil as a substitute for olive oil/palm oil and other oils for cooking. I've actually not seen any noticeable difference between people consuming coconut oil and other types of oils.

    And also people who do eat coconut oil end up with higher cholesterol levels - and so a large number of older men and women in my country have high cholesterol and are advised to stop eating coconut oil.
  6. I had concerns about that as coconut oil effects cholesterol levels. There appears to be some disagreements though that it is in fact bad. Glad you provided that bit of information about the country you come from. I've been trying to find some information about the prevalence of high cholesterol and heart disease in countries that primarily use coconut oil and milk in their diet.
  7. could it be because it's used in excess?
  8. I wouldn't say used in excess, since we don't eat much fried or deep fried food anyway...traditionally a meal is white boiled rice, curried lentils/potatoes, some kind of meat or fish, also curried and a salad of some kind.

    On average perhaps a tablespoonful a day for cooking - usually for the meat curry - something that serves four or five people.
  9. i read something about a diet like this in a magazine once
  10. Have no clue, but will look into it soon. Nice avatar btw!
  11. One tablespoon a day....I'd doubt that that would significantly effect cholesterol levels. Could it possibly be attributed to fatty meat consumption.

    By the way, I did a bit of research on line. I found personal testimonies of other folks that have had weight loss due to daily coconut oil consumption and also reports that coconut oil has helped in decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.
  12. Do coconut macaroons count? Cuz I can eat a box of 24 in one sitting and I haven't noticed any significant weight gain. Macaroons are probably more enjoyable than oil...
  13. Isnt' make you poop like crazy??? Maybe that's why she is lossing weight, you poop everthing you eat right away I was told.
  14. oh no not another one of these 'flatter tummy' ideas! :lol:
    I still haven't finished my bag of flaxseed yet........... :upsidedown: