Coconut curry vegetables?

  1. Does anyone here make this? I'm looking for a good recipe. I keep trying to make this at home and it tastes nothing like how the restaurants make it. I'm missing something. Mine involves coconut milk, green curry paste, red pepper flakes and tastes bland.
  2. Try some lime juice and peanut butter in your coconut sauce.
  3. Think you're supposed to add asam jawa, err, trying to remember the English name, tamarind!!! Is this Thai curry? For Indian curry they use lots of fresh tomatoes I think.
  4. I think you nailed something with the tamarind Reena. BF's dad has asked us to pick up tamarind paste on numerous occassions. BF does the Indian cooking so I can't help you there much.
  5. Thanks! I think I'll try tamarind, and also, in that P.F.Changs recipe it calls for brown sugar...I think that may be an essential ingredient that I was missing, because it is a bit sweet, and mine isn't. Also I like how they make theirs!!:flowers: :flowers:
  6. This sounds delicious. Coconut and spicy curry on veggies!
  7. oh, it is!! ;)
  8. What kind of curry paste are you using? I get mine from the asian market. It is a Thai brand that comes in little cans, and it tastes like the restaurant kind (the Thai place I like actually uses this brand, and my friends who travel in Thailand say that it is what most people there use, too), and I use Golden Mountain seasoning sauce (another Thai brand). I also put dried basil in my curried vegies.