Cocoblanco Handbags!

  1. Has anyone seen this brand or own one? Opinions, experiences? TIA!
  2. Really, noone knows of this brand???
  3. nope, nada, never heard of them.
  4. In the thread on clear totes there are two pics of them , they are very cute and fun looking .
  5. Thanks SophiaLee, but I was looking for Cocoblanco bags not
    Thanks anyway! :flowers:
  6. Duh , I'm a moron . At first glance it looked like the same name . Sorry .
  7. :tup:Just found and bought one today at Loehman's. It's an all silver slouch bag, very soft, bright pink interior, almost cheong dress material. It's called Gunsmoke and has wild west theme with what I can figure out a horsehead stitching on each side making for nice detailing, a touch of fringe and a bullet holder, over the shoulder strap, making the purse rock! I read where the designer formerly worked at Gucci. It's a cool purse
  8. ^^^Could you please post a picture????
  9. I just bought one too. Ill try to post a picture tonight. It is a GREAT bag!