Cocoa Blake

  1. Hey everyone - I couldn't find my previous post about this bag I got for a great deal from Nordstroms a few weeks back. I asked my mother what she thought and she says it's a "nice brown color, but don't you have enough of these buckle bags already?" LOL...

    It's the Brown Cocoa Blake with light tan suede inside with the gold stitching and gold hardware.
    I decided that I definitely like my Emerald Blake w/ gold hardware better...but I decided that I should decide between the two and return the brown one to Nordstroms. My mother recommended putting it on eBay to try to make a tiny profit - only thing is - it seems that brown blakes are faked a lot on there and I'm nervous about selling it there. I keep on going back and forth with it and just can't bring it to Nordies -should I keep it b/c I got a great deal on a brown blake on sale and brown is a basic color. I think that while I love the cocoa color - I'm not so thrilled with the yellow stitching on the bag.

    What do you think about this bag?
  2. I think the green one is amazing. I don't usually like brown bags, they seem sort of boring to me and nondescript. You don't seem too thrilled about the bag either. If you feel that you need to keep the bag because of the good deal, then maybe you should return it. I don't think you'll make any profit on ebay(after all the fees and shipping).
  3. If it's cocoa, then go for it. I love brown bags. Besides, cocoa is a great color choice for fall.
  4. I had a Cocoa Venetia I got on sale but ended up returning it. I just didn't love the color. I think you should keep your Emerald Blake. Good luck!

  5. ^ITA:tup:
  6. thanks everyone (again) I think I'm going to return it and buy shoes at their Anniversary sale instead LOL...:nogood:
  7. Which Nordstrom are you planning on returning it to? I LOVE the cocoa color, and would definitely consider it!