Coco Zen Collection

  1. I was with my SA the other day looking through the lookbook and came across the MOST DELICIOUS accessories range called the Coco Zen collection for the crusie 2008 featured beautiful buddha earrings and a gorgeous ring..Ive never seen anything like it....unfortunately they didnt order it and I called up the states but they dont have it...can anyone let me know please where I can find it and have it shipped to me here in Dubai?
    If anyone owns it can they post a pic?
    Thanks xx
  2. is this it? I uploaded some pictures from the fashion spot website when i googled coco zen.
    cocozen2.jpg cocozen4.jpg cocozen5.jpg
  3. another pic
  4. A bit OT, but WOW those shoes are gorgeous!!!
  5. lilbluebear thaaaaaaaaaank you so much Yesssss!!! these are the ones...the necklace aerrings and ring are so cuuuute.
    Do you have a code no? where can I locate them?
    Thank you!
  6. Eeeeeek.... So cute, but what a contradiction. LOL. I try to keep my zen/buddhist studies away from my Chanels. If I really do practice that, I'd be compelled to give away my entire Chanel collection. Yikes. LOL.
  7. its just gorgeous I need to find it nowwwwww lmao

  8. drooling over those red pumps!:drool:
  9. LOVE the red pumps!
  10. i didn't know there is a buddha zen necklace! wow that's just so cool!
  11. you should see the earrings and ring sooooo freaking adorable!
  12. ahh yes i saw those coral pumps at chanel sf & Nordstrom in san jose.. could not get my mind off them ever since! they're too cute!
  13. Would the members mind keeping the thread responses to the subject please.
    Thank you
  14. very sexy

    OMG croc :drool:

    love this :yes:

    aarghhh i wish they're in my bed room's floor LOL
  15. lovely the way they shoot/displayed the bags and shoes!