COCO the Rare HUDSON solid brown arrived

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  1. #1 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    hello everyone i am COCO i am told there are only 8 OF US born (could this be? only 8 created?) at mj collections....i finally made it here to my new family.....i have no idea where the rest of my biological siblings are! but one of my new adoptive sisters said that ONE of my biological sisters is with someone named KELLY RIPA at ABC ...
    and i just heard from my new family that our parents (mom who wears us and dad who hardly knows how many of us bags there are!) anyway they BOTH work at the same place as Kelly Ripa so hey! maybe i will get to see my sister in the elevator!
    PLEASE POST if any of you out there have one of my browny siblings please let me know! Are there any SOLID BROWN hudsons out there?

    meantime i love it many nice bags to be friends with ....i put some stories below that you can read
    Maybe i can go on vacation too!

    TEALY my hudson cousin came out to greet me immediately and so did JACKIE PALAIS and even CROC the YSL MUSE OS came out to greet me! i am going to love it here!
    i think i will start a hudson club so maybe i will find more relatives ...look for a separate post for that

    here are some of my pix today some with and without flash LOOK
    keep an eye out i am going to start a hudson club!



    MY OTHER NEW rommies
    white and military they are sleeping right now but here they are



    my family's stories so far:


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    here is another view of my lining with no flash etc..

    Attached Files:

  3. Oh, Ginger, I knew Coco would be that beautiful! Red leather lining, mon dieu!! Congratulations on your new adoption! And your other ones, soooo beautiful. I've never ever seen the military, my god, it's to die for, too! I have the Hudson bliss now just like you, so thank again for tipping me off. haha
  4. gin ~ it's gorgeous!! And that red leather lining...:drool:

    Do any of the black hudsons come with the red leather lining? I'm on the hunt for one now :P
  5. OMG, That bag is amazing! Congrats on your new beauty. She looks very happy with all of her new sisters!
  6. what a beauty, congrats!
  7. if black was rereleased for spring 07, it would be. that's when the hudsons were made with burgundy leather lining.

    ginger, you are the ULTIMATE hudson collector. congrats on your gorgeous and rare bag!
  8. Oh. My. God. RED LEATHER LINING?! You have died and gone to Hudson Heaven!

    Seriously, wowwowowowowowowowowow! I am amazed.

    Thanks for sharing, Ginger! You have an awesome collection, and huge congratulations! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:
  9. That. bag. rocks.Dayum!
  10. I am SO impressed I don't even know what to say.....:nuts:

    Congratulations on your new family member. COCO is a goddess. Take some more pics for us!!!
  11. Gorgeous Hudson collection, Ginger! Congrats!
  12. lovin' that red leather lining! congrats on your new addition, ginger! ;)
  13. Love your first-person bag narrative:smile: So cute! And the bag is TDF, obviously!! I would LOVE to see a family pic of ALL your bags...if you have a wide angle lens big enough, that is;) You have impeccable taste and I always enjoy seeing your new additions. Thanks for sharing! (P.S. I've got Hudson fever, too. It is HIGHLY contagious, but I'm hoping my cure will arrive by the end of the week!)
  14. Yum yum yum! Coco sure is luscious. . .and that lining is like the cherry on top! Congrats on your new beauty:heart:
  15. that bag is absolutely TDF :drool: i love that leather lining, congrats to you!!!!!